Friday, July 27, 2007

Ok so this is not a very good quality picture, but I need to remember this little phase in Kenzie's life. She used to go to bed everynight during the school year at 6:30 without fail. Now that life has slowed down a bit. We put her to bed and she goes into crazy mode in her room. Last night I didn't put her down until about 7:30. First time I went in her room, she was no longer just wearing her tank top and jammie pants, she was also wearing a pair of socks, and 4, yes four shirts over her tanktop. Oh and before 9pm our air is still set on 80 degrees, so kinda hot. After I took all the extra clothes off of her, I tucked her in again and left. I went back in a little later because I heard noise, she was in her dark closet on a pile of clothes she so neatly pulled of the hangers. When I opened the closet she jumped about a foot. Remember in the dark it is like she is deaf and blind. During the day no big deal, but at night she can't wear her implant device, so she cannot hear, it is so sad. So when I open the closet she runs to her bed and says "go out I am sleeping, Honk Shoo, Honk Shoo...." It was pretty funny. The next time in there she is laying in her tent, which gets so hot, I put her back in bed and told her it was too hot in there, she told me, "I am so cold mommy, I want to be sweaty." So after a couple more trips like this I went in and she was sound alsleep in the tent. I took her out and put her in her bed she opens her eyes and says, "I love you mama, you want to snuggle" before I could mouth my answer back to her, she was out cold again. It is times like those you just stop and let the world keep moving while you stare in amazement at the blessings in your life. I am so blessed to have such a cute, spunky little girl, yes she has a huge attitude, and is super bossy, but she is so loving. I am extra blessed that Heavenly Father led me to a school for her where she could learn how to speak and listen. She has so much to say all the time, if she couldn't voice her thoughts, I think she would probably burst. I LOVE YOU MAKENZIE!

Monday, July 23, 2007

7 Random things About Alison

1.) I went Skydiving in college, and I acted like I had the best time, but really I was so sick from all the spinning that I just wanted to go home and throw up.
2.) I love the smell of Rain, but hate humidity
3.) I like to go into my kids rooms and watch them while they sleep. They are so cute and if I say something to Skyler, he will usually start talking about really funny stuff in his sleep. The other night he must have dreamed he was Super Mario because he was adamant on getting past King Koopa.
4.) I love to hide at night time in my house and scare my husband. The other night he was taking a midnight dip in the pool and I went out the front door and around to the back gate and scared the pants right off him, oh but wait he didn't have anything on. He he he. I know that is so mean, but he does his fair share of jumping out and scaring me.
5.) I love to take my kids out for ice cream. There is nothing like the look on their face when we stop and they realize they are getting ice cream. We don't do it very often and that is prob. why I enjoy it so much.
6.) I am scared to death of spiders, except for Daddy Long Legs. One time as a teenager I stood on a clothes hamper for a long time waiting for someone to come kill a wolf spider that was on the floor by the door. Another time when my parents were out of town and it was just me and Nicky, there was a black widow and I went and put on long sleeves, long pants, socks over my pants, a ski mask, and gloves. I went out with a bottle of hairspray and a fly swatter, I was still really scared it was going to get me. I know pretty pathetic.
7.) In college we used to wear our jammie pants, green facial masks and walk to the post office. As traffic would approach we would pretend we were statues, we got lots of honks and laughs, it was pretty fun. Oh the things non-alcohol drinking college kids do for fun!

7 Random Things About Jeremy

1.) He is a fantastic cook, his chili and soups are incredible, and I am not the only one who feels this way, they really are Good!
2.) On Sundays after we get the kids to bed, he always gets a big comfy blanket and a bottle of lotion and rubs my feet. I don't even ask, he just knows how much I like foot rubs, thanks babe!
3.) He HATE ,HATE, HATES, band aids. He could practically sever a finger and wouldn't go near a band aid.
4.) He is the king of retarded songs. He will sing a really goofy song that makes no sense and it will be stuck in my head for days.
5.) He is completely in love with our kids, he can't stand to be away from them for more than a few hours. Even though they drive us both a little crazy at times.
6.) He once had a truck and he named it Paco. He loved that truck, but he loved us more and sold it when we needed the money for our move.
7.) When he was young, he was stabbed in the arm with a pair of scissors by his brother. He has a nice little scar from it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Good Ol' Family

Ok my friend Kristal was so awsome, she got up before 6am and took pictures of our family, she is such a good photographer. She hasn't edited any of these yet, but I am putting a couple on here anyway. Kristal if you ever read this, thanks a million!