Monday, July 23, 2007

7 Random things About Alison

1.) I went Skydiving in college, and I acted like I had the best time, but really I was so sick from all the spinning that I just wanted to go home and throw up.
2.) I love the smell of Rain, but hate humidity
3.) I like to go into my kids rooms and watch them while they sleep. They are so cute and if I say something to Skyler, he will usually start talking about really funny stuff in his sleep. The other night he must have dreamed he was Super Mario because he was adamant on getting past King Koopa.
4.) I love to hide at night time in my house and scare my husband. The other night he was taking a midnight dip in the pool and I went out the front door and around to the back gate and scared the pants right off him, oh but wait he didn't have anything on. He he he. I know that is so mean, but he does his fair share of jumping out and scaring me.
5.) I love to take my kids out for ice cream. There is nothing like the look on their face when we stop and they realize they are getting ice cream. We don't do it very often and that is prob. why I enjoy it so much.
6.) I am scared to death of spiders, except for Daddy Long Legs. One time as a teenager I stood on a clothes hamper for a long time waiting for someone to come kill a wolf spider that was on the floor by the door. Another time when my parents were out of town and it was just me and Nicky, there was a black widow and I went and put on long sleeves, long pants, socks over my pants, a ski mask, and gloves. I went out with a bottle of hairspray and a fly swatter, I was still really scared it was going to get me. I know pretty pathetic.
7.) In college we used to wear our jammie pants, green facial masks and walk to the post office. As traffic would approach we would pretend we were statues, we got lots of honks and laughs, it was pretty fun. Oh the things non-alcohol drinking college kids do for fun!


Tamra Mauzy said...

I love reading Randoms!! It's so fun to see everyone's quirks. I used to see randoms on people's blogs when I would blog hop and I thought it was dumb. Now I realize I thought that because I didn't know the people. I don't think it's dumb at all anymore because it's so fun reading random things about people you know!! You guys had some really great ones! Love all your pictures too!

Kristal said...

I could seriously see you with the long sleeves, pants, socks and ski mask on ready to combat a spider! That's awesome!

The Pena Family said...

Allen, my oldest, has arachniphobia, i swear, so I have to kill everything, I'll keep the combat uniform in mind for next time! (P.S. I want to answer all of your ?'s, but i don't have your )