Monday, August 13, 2007

First Week of School

So both of my kids are back in school. I am lucky because they LOVE it! Kenzie was so excited to go that at 3:30 this morning she comes into my room in her school clothes saying, "wake up mama, I am eating a hotdog and ready for school." I was like what the heck, so I took her back to bed and she chatted on forever about how she hoped there were no spiders in heaven and that she didn't think Jesus liked spiders. At the time I was too tired to appreciate the fact that she loves school so much that would actually get herself somewhat ready for school and make her own breakfast. (and no, I don't ever feed her cold hotdogs for breakfast, but it was the only thing open and reachable in the fridge.) Ok so, Skyler started 2nd grade and Kenzie is still in the preschool program at her school for the deaf. So they are not posed the greatest, and I am obviously not a photographer, but you always have to have that first day of school pictures. So summer is over, our time together is cut in half. Discussions about the mall, swimming, and the latest video games are replaced, with new friends, lunch box items, school supplies, alphabets, homework, and earlier bedtimes. Farewell late nights, hello 5am.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

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First Kiss Location

Ok my girl Kristal tagged me and I thought this would be kinda fun. My first kiss was the summer I was almost 16. I went back to Alaska to work for the summer, I met a boy named Klaas Deboer, he was my first kiss. The only kiss that really matters though is with Jermey. Our first kiss was when we were 16. It was in his parents van after a church dance. He was dropping me off in front of the Nuttall families house and leaned over and did it. It was simple and sweet, it was his first kiss. That was the kiss that started it all!
Ok now I am taggin Audra, Tamra, Tia, Natalie, and Angela, let's hear about your first smooch!