Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here are a couple pictures of the kiddos from Sunday. They are definitely my little buddies, especially since my sweetie is gone. Tomorrow is my first day of my fall break, YAY, it is only two days long plus the weekend, ,but hey, a break is a break. We are going to get to go see Daddy in Yuma and have a little more time with him! We are very excited about that! Ok this is so random, but gosh I am so excited that it is cooling off, we sat out on the porch swing all evening and it was soooo nice. Alrighty well I am going to go visit with my mom, she has been here helping me with Skyler since Monday, he had all week off, I only have Thursday and Friday off, so she was kind enough to come spend some time with him while I was at school with Kenzie. My mom is one of my greatest blessings, I am so lucky to have her. Other than Jeremy, she is definitley my closest friend. If you ever read this blog mom, THANKS FOR BEING THE BEST MOMMY EVER! Ok this post has gone all over the place, I will do a post about my mom here soon!