Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ok, so Jeremy's brother Tim is on his mission in New York right now. He is seriously the most awsome person. So one of his old missionary companions just got off his mission and he posted a few video clips from his mission of Tim singing. You have to check them out. Just go to Youtube and type in Tim Devey and there will be three clips, the first is of a poem my little sister in law wrote and he put it to music on his guitar, it is awsome. The second two are just quick little P-Day guitar/singing clips. I am so proud of my little bro, he is such an awsome missionary too. Seriously though, go check it out and tell me if I am just biased, or if he really is awsome ok?


Audycamp said...

aw..sweet. I'll have to go check it out on youtube. Don't u just little missionary brothers? They are so great & determined!

Mauzy Fam said...

I watched them! I remember Timmy Devey when he was like 4 and lived down the street from us. I can't believe he's on a mission. You are not biased - he is really good!! Very talented.

bematheson said...

Ali I didn't know you dyed your hair. It looks so cute!!! Your gorgeous