Friday, December 28, 2007

The Incision

So here is a look at it with the bandage off. It looks awsome, last time it was full of stitches, this time it is super glued. Looks so much better. They had to shave a bit of her hair off, but it will grow back. So here it is.

Kenz back to her normal self!

Well it has been a long couple of days. MaKenzie did well right after the hospital, but once her Demerol wore off, she was one unhappy camper. I went into my room where she was sleeping the first night. I thought she was talking to me, but as I came in, this is what she was saying, "Oh help me Jesus, help my ear not to fall off, it feels like it will fall off and I am very afraid." I don't think it was necessarily hurting too bad at that moment, but I think she was literally visualizing her ear falling off. She had asked me if they sewed her shut and I told her that they didn't, but that they used glue. After hearing her pleading prayer, I thought about all the art projects that come home from school and how all the glued pieces are always falling off, I think she thought that since it was glued on, it was going to just fall off. It was so sad. I put her hearing aid on and had a little talk with her about it before putting her back to bed. It was so hard watching her hurt and she was coughing up blood for about 24 hours, it was rough, but the worst is over, I just took her pressure bandage off and it is looking really good. I just wanted to post one last picture of her in with her big ol' bandage on. She will appreciate it someday when she looks back at the pages of this blog. She looks like a completely different girl, her color is back, and she has been all over the place today.

Skyler and his California shaped cheese

Ok so Skyler comes running in this morning and says "Mom look I made the state of California with my cheese." It is funny because it really looked like California. What a funny boy. Oh by the way in school the kids were suppossed to be able to identify and correctly label 12 of the states on a US map. He studied a lot and he labled 38 of the states correctly. Now this is really sad and pathetic, but he can locate the different states better than I can, I was never good at geography. Way to go little man!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MaKenzie's Surgery

So today was the day, we got to the hospital by 5:30 am. They admitted her and did pre-ops, and then we met with the anesthesiologist. Kenzie played in the surgery waiting room for about an hour before her surgery. She played with a toy Dr. kit, she was the Dr. and she gave my mom and I both bilateral cochlear implants. :) She told me to "take my medicine" and then said, "I'm sorry but I have to cut your head open." Then she sewed me up and said, "Soon you will be able to hear better." She is definitely aware of what they do in the surgery. She freaked out and was nervous and so they gave her a little dropper of medicine to calm her, but it did the opposite and she started bawling and cried up till the point they took her from us, it broke my heart. Then after about an hour and a half the surgery was over and we were able to be back in the recovery room when she woke up. She was dazed and confused, but they gave her a shot of Demerol in her shoulder at the end of the surgery to help her not be in too much pain when she woke up. So now we are home and exhausted. It really went well. On January 16Th they will activate her implant (turn it on). You can see from her picts that she has an enormous pressure bandage on her head, that will stay on for a few days, then we go back to the surgeon to make sure she is healing OK. Thank you all for your prayers and support, I will keep you posted on her condition.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Is Coming

Well we had to do the annual take your picture by the Christmas tree to compare to the one from last year. I have to say my kids are growing up on me. They have changed ssssoooooooo much since this time last year. It is going way too fast. Kids when you grow up and read this, know how much mom and dad loved you. You are the best little munchkins ever, does that mean you always listen to us and behave, heck no, but we love you just the same!

Little Ladies Man

Skyler is so funny when it comes to girls. Until this year he was friends with everyone, never cared if they were boys or girls, but now, anytime we go anywhere here in town, little girls from his school always come up and say hi and try to talk to him, girls he knows from school of course. It is so funny because he acts so odd when they do, he just walks away from them as they are talking. Or he'll say hurry mom we need to go, or they say hi and he acts like he didn't even see or hear them. I will say Skyler that girl was telling you hi, did you hear her, he always says yeah, but just hurries away. I don't know why he is all freaked out when they try to talk to him. It is hillarious, I am sure he is just being shy, but from what I hear lots of little girls have crushes on him. He thinks it is grose, hopefully that attitude stays with him for a long time to come!

MaKenzie's Huge Scare

OK so, MaKenzie had her little Desert Voices Christmas program, which I have to say went beautifully. My toddler class did awsome and Kenzie's class did fantastic too. However, I was very concerned how the night would go for us prior to performing. We had quite the scare about 10 minutes before showtime. My parents came to watch the show and we were early since I had to be there to round up my 8 little 2-year-olds who were performing. So to keep my kids quiet, my parents gave them both a round hard candy. Right when Kenz popped it in her mouth, I knew she was in trouble. She must have inhaled it or something cause she was choking immediately. I hit her back a couple times and she was still coughing and choking, then she stopped making any sound and her lips were turning blue, she was freaking out, I was freaking out, so I did the Heimlich on her several times and she finally stopped moving all crazy and panicking, so I thought she must have swallowed it the rest of the way cause it hadn't come out. She turned and I was asking if she was OK, then both eye balls turned RED and I realized she was still choking, so I Heimliched again several times and it popped out. I about collapsed once it was out. I mean I had taking first aid and CPR and all that, but man it was awful being in that situation. The whole thing lasted like a minute, but it felt like forever. I never want to do that again. We had to go in the bathroom to calm ourselves down and say a prayer. A crowd had gathered when it all happened, I didn't even know they were there, I had tunnel vision or something. All I can say is that HARD CANDY IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Ok so we were driving to Sams Club today and Kenzie says "I want another Alison Mommy." I thought, she doesn't want me to be her mom??? Then she said I want to have two Alison Mommy's because I love you so much and it would be fun to have two of you. Then Kenzie said "Daddy, wouldn't it be fun to have two Alisons. Jeremy looked at me and did a little eyebrow raise and said, "It sure would." It was hillarious, he was just jokin, but the conversation was just pretty funny. I love my family, they make me laugh all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Ok just a quick post, my last two have been little novels. I called the surgeon's office today and they squeezed her in, her surgery is on Dec. 26, 2007. Yep the day after Christmas, I am so happy, I screamed when the receptionist told me. I was like, "I love you guys!! Thankyou so much." I probably scared them, but I was just so relieved. I am dreading the whole surgery/recovery/waiting period for activation, but I am so glad that we don't have to wait for 6 weeks to get her in.!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the prayers! I'll let you all know how it all goes.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Visit to the surgeon

Well we went to the surgeon today. He did a history check on Kenzie read everything from Phoenix Children's hospital and agreed that her device is failing and needs to be replaced. I finally told Kenzie today that she is going to have to get a new implant, she was excited because she thought I was talking about the external prcessor part. I told her they were going to have to do surgery. This was how our conversation went:
Me- "Kenz we are going to see the surgeon because you need
a new implant inside your head."
Kenz: "Does that mean they will cut my head open?"
Me: "It does sweetie, I am so sorry"
Kenzie: "What will I do?"
Me: "Well, we will go to the hospital and they will put you to sleep and then
they will do the surgery and you will wake up with the big white
bandage on your head."
Kenz: "Will it hurt?"
Me: "It won't hurt while they do the surgery, but when you wake up it will
hurt some."
Kenz: "Oh...will you kiss it?"
Me: "Heck yeah I will kiss it."
Kenz: Good
Me: You will also get another stuffed monkey from Advanced Bionics.
Kenz: "Oh Yay! Can we go to the hospital right now for my surgery?
Me: Not today, but real soon.

That was pretty much our conversation. I was soooooooo happy that she didn't freak out and that she is actually looking forward to it. I was so scared to tell her. I can definitely say that is a major prayer answered. I should know on Monday the date of the big day. We are praying it won't take six weeks, that is what he said the soonest opening was and it totally made me cry. That means she won't have it on and activated for at least 12 week since we have to wait for the insicions to heal before sticking the magnet to her head and putting her BTE on. The dr. said he would try to get her in sooner, so please help us pray for that! We love all of you guys, thanks for your words of encouragement!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Flashback on what is about to come again.

So here are a few pictures of my sweet little Kenzie after her cochlear implant surgery on March 17, 2005. The top was in the hospital a couple hours after her surgery. The second one is with Grandma sharon trying to calm her down after surgery, the third one is a week after surgery, you can't see much behind her ear, but you can see part of the incision above her ear. The final one is just a cute picture my friend Kristal took after a couple months post-surgery once her implant had been activated, for those of you who don't know much about the implant, they make an insicion a couple inches above your ear and go clear down to the bottom of your ear, then they fold back the ear and lay it on the side of your face. They have to shave off part of the skull bone so the receptor can lay flat, then they drill a small hole through the skull to feed the electrode array though so they can insert it into the cochlea, that is the small snail shell looking thing in your ear. Then they sew and glue them shut and then that is it, after 4-6 weeks once the incision site has healed, they go back to the audiologist and they activate the internal device. She has a magnetic microphone that sticks to the outside of her head, it magnatizes to the internal magnet. She picks up sound through that and it travels to the processor which sends the codes to the electodes in her head, then the electrodes tell the brain the codes and the brain is able to make sense of it all, it it is a pretty complicated process, yet all those things happen in less than a second. I am so grateful for technology the Lord has bless us with.

Now the reason I am telling her story, is she is about to go through this entire process again, she has had an internal failure with her device and needs to have it removed and a new one put in place. As scared as I am for her to go through this again, I know that the benefits outweigh the fear I have. So if you could all keep her in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. We are hoping to get her re-implanted over Christmas break so we don't have to miss school and work. I will keep you updated, but if I don't post for a while, it is probably because I am taking care of my little munchkin.