Sunday, December 23, 2007

MaKenzie's Huge Scare

OK so, MaKenzie had her little Desert Voices Christmas program, which I have to say went beautifully. My toddler class did awsome and Kenzie's class did fantastic too. However, I was very concerned how the night would go for us prior to performing. We had quite the scare about 10 minutes before showtime. My parents came to watch the show and we were early since I had to be there to round up my 8 little 2-year-olds who were performing. So to keep my kids quiet, my parents gave them both a round hard candy. Right when Kenz popped it in her mouth, I knew she was in trouble. She must have inhaled it or something cause she was choking immediately. I hit her back a couple times and she was still coughing and choking, then she stopped making any sound and her lips were turning blue, she was freaking out, I was freaking out, so I did the Heimlich on her several times and she finally stopped moving all crazy and panicking, so I thought she must have swallowed it the rest of the way cause it hadn't come out. She turned and I was asking if she was OK, then both eye balls turned RED and I realized she was still choking, so I Heimliched again several times and it popped out. I about collapsed once it was out. I mean I had taking first aid and CPR and all that, but man it was awful being in that situation. The whole thing lasted like a minute, but it felt like forever. I never want to do that again. We had to go in the bathroom to calm ourselves down and say a prayer. A crowd had gathered when it all happened, I didn't even know they were there, I had tunnel vision or something. All I can say is that HARD CANDY IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff and Ang said...

Oh wow! That is so scary! It's a good thing you knew what to do! I'd have no idea how to handle that!! Glad she was ok (: I think we'll stay away from hard candy from now on!!

Audycamp said... palms were sweating just reading that!!! I hate when kids choke.It's the scariest thing ever!!! Glad you were able to do the heimlich safely!