Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MaKenzie's Surgery

So today was the day, we got to the hospital by 5:30 am. They admitted her and did pre-ops, and then we met with the anesthesiologist. Kenzie played in the surgery waiting room for about an hour before her surgery. She played with a toy Dr. kit, she was the Dr. and she gave my mom and I both bilateral cochlear implants. :) She told me to "take my medicine" and then said, "I'm sorry but I have to cut your head open." Then she sewed me up and said, "Soon you will be able to hear better." She is definitely aware of what they do in the surgery. She freaked out and was nervous and so they gave her a little dropper of medicine to calm her, but it did the opposite and she started bawling and cried up till the point they took her from us, it broke my heart. Then after about an hour and a half the surgery was over and we were able to be back in the recovery room when she woke up. She was dazed and confused, but they gave her a shot of Demerol in her shoulder at the end of the surgery to help her not be in too much pain when she woke up. So now we are home and exhausted. It really went well. On January 16Th they will activate her implant (turn it on). You can see from her picts that she has an enormous pressure bandage on her head, that will stay on for a few days, then we go back to the surgeon to make sure she is healing OK. Thank you all for your prayers and support, I will keep you posted on her condition.


Mauzy Fam said...

She looks so miserable! Glad everything went well. Nothing like having the greatest day ever - then the worst day ever for a little kid. Get better MaKenzie!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how hard it must have been when they took her away from you for surgery! I'm glad everything went well.

Harding Family said... fun. But what a sweet angel. I'm glad it went well. I kind of can feel for her, just cause by the time I was 12 I had had 18 sets of tubes in my ears. She's lucky to have you as her mommy~

Jeff and Ang said...

Hope MaKenzie has a fast recovery. what a strong litttle girl she is!