Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Visit to the surgeon

Well we went to the surgeon today. He did a history check on Kenzie read everything from Phoenix Children's hospital and agreed that her device is failing and needs to be replaced. I finally told Kenzie today that she is going to have to get a new implant, she was excited because she thought I was talking about the external prcessor part. I told her they were going to have to do surgery. This was how our conversation went:
Me- "Kenz we are going to see the surgeon because you need
a new implant inside your head."
Kenz: "Does that mean they will cut my head open?"
Me: "It does sweetie, I am so sorry"
Kenzie: "What will I do?"
Me: "Well, we will go to the hospital and they will put you to sleep and then
they will do the surgery and you will wake up with the big white
bandage on your head."
Kenz: "Will it hurt?"
Me: "It won't hurt while they do the surgery, but when you wake up it will
hurt some."
Kenz: "Oh...will you kiss it?"
Me: "Heck yeah I will kiss it."
Kenz: Good
Me: You will also get another stuffed monkey from Advanced Bionics.
Kenz: "Oh Yay! Can we go to the hospital right now for my surgery?
Me: Not today, but real soon.

That was pretty much our conversation. I was soooooooo happy that she didn't freak out and that she is actually looking forward to it. I was so scared to tell her. I can definitely say that is a major prayer answered. I should know on Monday the date of the big day. We are praying it won't take six weeks, that is what he said the soonest opening was and it totally made me cry. That means she won't have it on and activated for at least 12 week since we have to wait for the insicions to heal before sticking the magnet to her head and putting her BTE on. The dr. said he would try to get her in sooner, so please help us pray for that! We love all of you guys, thanks for your words of encouragement!


The McEwen Family said...

Alison my prayers go out to you and your baby girl. You are so strong and such a good mom. I hope you get a sooner date and i hope everything goes great. She sounds so strong too good luck to your family!!!

Harding Family said...

That's so are the perfect mom for that and you have such amazing kids! It's crazy and cool how Heavenly Father knows just what we need to make us whole. I'm so proud to be your friend and roommate-old roomie.

Kim said...

That was so precious to read!! What a beautiful moment.