Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Beloved Prophet

The prophet of our church, Gordon B. Hinkley passed away last night. He would have been 98 years-old on June 23rd, 2007, Skyler's 8th birthday. When my mother-in-law called to tell us, I got teary, but then I thought of how much he loved his sweet wife and about the wonderful reunion they were having at that very moment. He was truly a man of God, he loved life, he loved to serve, he genuinely loved his fellow man. I feel so honored to have grown up with him as our prophet. I will miss hearing his wonderful talks, his witty sense of humor and those tender, smiley, blue eyes. He will hold a special place in our hearts forever.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kenzie Update

Well, I have had a crazy few weeks. Jeremy had some pretty scary health issues the day after Kenzie's surgery, but he is doing much better now and is able to drive again and all that. Now Kenzie has had a roller coaster of a week. She woke up on Tuesday morning, and I put her hearing aid on (she hears and does remarkably well with her aid. Her implant is not activated yet, so that is all she has to hear with. Anyways, I turned it on and then I watched her turn it off, I told her it needed to stay on, she looked at me kind of confused and said, "Silly mama, you forgot to turn it on." I take it out and it was definitely on, so she says, "Maybe the battery is dead or 'somthin.' So I go get her other hearing aid and put that one in, by this point Kenz was starting to freak out a bit.(I was too) She starts sobbing and telling me she can't hear anything at all. Every time I would look at her and try to talk, she would sob and say "MOMMY, I CAN"T HEAR YOU!" She asked if I could hear her, I shook my head and she cried even harder. Then she looked at me with her little lip trembling and said, "Mommy I am really deaf now." My heart was breaking. I got Skyler off to school, called into my work and let them know what was going on. They were super supportive and told me to go right over to Phoenix Childrens Hospital and wait to be seen. So we got in right away and they tested her hearing and she had a 50 decibel drop, for those of you who don't know, that is HUGE! SO basically she could not detect any speech sounds or anything for that matter with her hearing aid. I was devastated and finally broke down at the audiologists. I mean with her just losing her right ear and now the left, it was too much. Luckily they activated her new implant, so she is hearing now, it will take a little while to get used to what she is hearing, but it was the greatest blessing to have her turned on that same day. The surgeon gave a week of steroids for her to take and see if it would help restore her hearing. Then I found out she has Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts which is why she is deaf. I guess, when you have EVA, just a head bump can take away your hearing. In almost all cases, that hearing is never restored. The surgeon said the steroids most likely wouldn't help, but it was the only thing we could try. So my family all contacted each other and prayed for Kenz and her name was put in the temple. Now here is the incredible part, I was putting her to bed last night, I used to be able to put my mouth in her ear and talk really loud to say goodnight or whatever else once she was in bed and all her hearing stuff was off, so out of habit I gave her a kiss and put my mouth to her ear and asked her a question and she answered, so I asked her a couple more and she answered again. I was shocked. I was pretty much told that it would take a miracle to be able to ever do that again, but I have come to find that miracles are around every corner for us. I mean she has not even started taking her steroids or anything and now she has that ear back???? Obviously she can't hear anything if i am not talking right in the canal and loudly, but that is awesome compared to not being able to hear ANYTHING. SO that is the story on her, if any of you finished reading this whole monstrous post, thank you, you must really care. Her incision looks about the same as it did in the previous post and she says her ear and head hurt with the processor now behind her ear, but she will get used to it again. Thanks again for all the love and concern.