Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday MaKenzie

Well, five years ago today, my sweet little girl MaKenzie Nicole Devey was born. She has been such a blesing in our lives. I thank God everyday for this special little girl. I have never met another child with so much determination and strength. That strong determination makes me want to pull my hair out at times, but it has helped her achieve many things that others thought were not possible for her. She makes me laugh constantly and she really is so much fun! I want her to look back at this one day and know how much her mama loved her. She is the best! I love you MaKenzie, Happy Birthday!!!!
MaKenzie Devey One Week Old
Jeremy(26), Skyler (3), and Makenzie Age One
MaKenzie Age Two

MaKenzie Devey Age Three

Skyler (7) and MaKenzie Age Four

MaKenzie Devey Today At Age Five


The McEwen Family said...

Happy birthday MaKenzie hope you have a wonderful day full of happiness and of course presents!!

Jeff and Ang said...

happy birthday to your beautiful little girl!

PEHNelson said...

Happy Birthday! Is she doing better? I've been keeping her in my thoughts and prayers...well all of you! Isn't sad how they grow up SOOO fast!

Angela said...

She's gotten so big. What a cutie. Happy late birthday to Kenzie. :)