Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Weekend Trip to Utah

I caught Jeremy in his morning scripture study. I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of me outside the Salt Lake City Temple on Saturday Morning.
Here is a picture of Jeremy posing outside the Salt Lake City Temple., what a stud!
The beautiful Salt Lake City Temple. I was so amazed at the beauty of theis temple and to know how hard the members' worked to build it, it took over 40 years. No one can look at the beauty of this place and the craftmanship of it and not know that it was inspired by God. It was a wonderful experience doing a session here and feeling the Spirit so strong. I needed that so much right now.
Jeremy and his brother Wayne
The new addition to our family while Dad is in the hospital. He is a good little dog named Kenai and as much as we enjoy him, we are excited for him to be back with mom and dad, because that means Dad is beating his cancer!
This was one of the happiest moments of the trip when my little monkeys' in the back finally fell asleep, they fought almost the entire way to and from St. George. I love them to pieces, but there were a few times I was ready to open the door, tuck and roll out of my car. They were fighting about everything, from the way one of them was looking at the other one, from the way one of them was getting crumbs in the other one's spot, to how Kenz sucked her thumb and then touched his pillow and so he freaked out and didin't want to use it anymore. The list goes on, but my blood pressure is raising just talking about how badly these two were annoying eachother and in turn driving Jeremy and me CRAZY! Road trips, gotta love em!

My Mom and Dad

So these past few weeks have been a little bit of a whirl Wind, sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I have been a bit of a mess. I found out a couple weeks ago that my Dad, Kent, has leukemia. He has the worst possible kind you can have. His odds of surviving it were not very good. He is currently in LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. He finished his 4th day of Chemotherapy today. I know he is putting on a happy face and trying to be positive, but I have seen glimpses of the pain he is going through and it breaks my heart. He was bleeding uncontrollably on Thursday and they couldn't get his blood to clot until Friday morning. We drove up to Utah Thursday and dropped the kids in St. George with their cousins. Then headed up to Salt Lake. The bleeding had stopped a couple hours before i got there so they were able to get him and his room cleaned back up. When I got there he had been wheeled out for a procedure. When they brought him down the hall, I lost it, he looked so different. I mean less than a month ago he was chasing my kids around, throwing them up on his shoulders and just completely healthy. He was wearing gloves, and gown and a mask as they wheeled his bed back into his room, he had IV's in each hand, several tubes coming out of his heart and his color was so ashy. He was still positive and strong, he was so weak though and kept falling asleep while we were there. They started the Chemo that day and the next day he looked like a different person, he had color back in his face and was sitting up and more alert. It is crazy what your body does when you have virtually no blood platelets. I am glad I didn't have my camera on Thursday when we went to the hospital, I never want to remember how sick and frail he looked that day. Here is a picture of him and my mom the following day! They look great in this one...