Thursday, May 29, 2008

Love the Lazy Summer Days!

I have been wanting to have just a nice afternoon by the pool since last summer. I have one week off between the end of the school year and the beginning of summer school, so I had lots of fun stuff planned this week. Unfortunately Kenz came down with a horrible flu and has been sick since Monday, so here it is Thursday and she is slowly getting back to herself. Since I don't want to take her out in public and spread these nice germs, we decided to relax and play in the pool today. It was lots of fun, my kids got a great laugh when I sat down in my new lawn chair and it collapsed and I hit my bum hard on the deck and then it rocked backwards and I hit my head on the pool gate, good times, good times. Kenz came over and had this "I am trying not to smile," look on her face and said I am sorry you got hurt, after I said I was OK, she laughed and said "you looked really funny mom." Anyways, the water was a little too cold for my liking, but it felt good after being in for a minute. OK I have 3 days till Kenz and I go back to school and then I have one month till I am a stay home mom again and can think about having more little munchkins, I am so excited!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Her Day Finally Arrived

Well my little MaKenzie Devey has graduated from Desert Voices Oral Learning Center. She has been attending speech therapy and school there since she was 17 months old. I will have to go back and edit this post later so I can add some of her earlier D.V. photos, but here are a couple from her graduation night. I wish I could have taken better pictures, but I had Jeremy running the video camera and I was having to be up on the stage a couple times during the night with my Toddler class. I just needed to post this though and tell Kenzie how proud I am of her and all her hard work and dedication. When other kids were at home playing with their parents and watching Dora and a having story time at the library , she was at school sitting at a table learning how to talk and how to listen. Thank goodness she loved school, it has forever changed her life, I know that she will have no limitations set before her, she will be able to do anything she puts her mind to. I am so grateful for Desert Voices and to my Father in Heaven for directing me to that wonderful school. Congratulations MaKenzie, you are ready to go!

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Dad Passed Away Today

I just copied and pasted what I wrote in my Mom's blog tongiht, i don't want to retype it, once is all I can handle:

After posting last nights blog, Dad said to my mom, "Hun, come here." She hurried to him and I listened as he told her he knew what he wanted done at his funeral. He then proceeded to tell her every detail from the hymns, to the speakers, to the Pall Bearers. She wrote it all down and then he settled in for the night; it was well after midnight by this time. I went to bed and I thought Mom was going to bed too, but she just wanted to stay up and be awake in case Kent needed anything. She has lovingly cared for his every need during this journey. A little after 4am, mom came in and shook me and said "hurry go stay with Dad, I need to go get Glen." Glen is not only his son, but he is also his wonderful Doctor. I went to sit with dad and was completely shocked by what I saw, he was breathing rapidly and just couldn't seem to get enough air. His tongue had more than doubled in size. Glen checked him and hurried to his office to get some steroids to see if that would help. By this time he seemed to be slipping fast, all the children were called to hurry over, we really didn't think they would make it in time. Once they were all here the steroid must have kicked in because his breathing quickened again and he was more conscious. They gave him morphine to help with the pain, he had a pretty rough time until about 7:45 when his breathing slowed and finally stopped. My mom told him she loved him, that she would be OK, and that he could go. Upstairs at about the same time his grandson Matthew was blessing his food and asked that Grandpa could go live with Jesus, a few moments later he was gone. He left this life to be with God at 7:47 this morning. As badly as we were all hurting, it was almost a relief when he was finally at rest, he fought so hard, but he was needed more on the other side. He will be missed by all, but we know this separation is but a temporary thing. Please keep our family in your prayers, we appreciate all the love and support. ~Alison

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother

First of all happy mother's day to all of you. I have to say that I am so inspired by all of you guys. I love reading your blogs and seeing how you are teaching your children and striving to live the gospel and what great examples you are to your little ones. Now with it being Mother's Day, I can't let it go by without honoring my own mother. Sorry girls, but I have to say that my Mom, Sharon Lynn Hutson Dobbs Biddulph is the best Mother in the whole world. She is truly an amazing lady. She is such an example to me of how I want to live my life and how I should treat others. She is so kind to everyone, from family, to friends, to hospital staff, to grocery checkout people, to waiter's and waitresses, to just random people. She may not even realize it, but she always makes those around her feel good. She has always been this way. She is always making sure everyone is taken care of before worrying about herself. One of my most admired traits about my mom is her strength and perseverance. She has made it through the hardest times imaginable from miscarriage after miscarriage, a still born baby, and also a baby that died a day after birth, to the loss of my dad. She was so strong being left on her own with four kids at home at such a crucial time in their lives. She not only kept the family going but had to work and she also took care of her best friend who was dying of cancer. Her friend died exactly one year to the day after my dad died. She was blessed to find a wonderful husband a couple years later and managed keep balance in the struggling family. By struggling I mean that her children (me included) were still mourning the loss of their dad and had walls built up around them and did not make life too easy on her and my step-dad. Her and Kent served an honorable mission and helped bring others to the gospel. She has such a presence about her. She is truly an elect lady. She would give anyone the shirt off her back, only it probably wouldn't fit too many people with how little she is now. She has always been there for me, I talk to her everyday on the phone, sometimes for hours. As you all know she is staying at the LDS hospital in Utah right now with my step-dad. He has Leukemia and is literally fighting for his life. She has rarely left his side and takes such good care of him. I am so glad she is there and can help him fight this thing. She is so in love with him and he is her life. I think about her and the sorrow and pain she went through when my dad died and now I watch her in the situation they are now and I just marvel at her strength.She really is just the best. When I was growing up, I remember dating and being out with friends usually till ten during the week and midnight on the weekends, but she always came in and layed in bed with me and talked to me about my night and my feelings and just everything. She also would have to get up and work at 4am, but it never stopped her from our midnight visits. She is my biggest supporter in life and in all I do. I love her so much and I thank God everyday for the wonderful mother he sent me to. Mommy, I love you! Thanks for always being there for me.