Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's a Tropical Day

Kenz had her first dance recital and it was so stinkin cute. I was worried at the dress rehearsal when she just stood on stage fixing her wedgy and picking her ear. She looked so cute though. Yesterday though when the whole auditorium was full, she did such a great job! Way to go Kenzie!

Some Dr.s Really Stink!

I never posted about Kenzie's ear situation this past month and a half. She has had the worst month of her life with ear pain, it has been very rough for her. When we were in Utah for Dad's funeral, she was complaining of ear pain, then she would wake up screaming and sweating everynight, clutching her ear in pain. I can't tell you how many times she has said, "We need to say a prayer mama!"because her ear was hurting so bad. I had it looked at twice in Utah, once at the audiologist, once at Urgent care, and finally at the surgeons, the surgeon was really the only one able to get in her ear and take a look, she was just in too much pain for the otoscope to go in her ear. The surgeon said she was fine and nothing was wrong, but obviously something was. So about two weeks after seeing the surgeon, her pain intensified even more and I was ready to scream even more. It was the hardest thing having her hurt like that and being unable to do anything. I called her surgeon again and he was such a jerk. He said,"IT WAS FUNNY HOW SHE WAS MIRACULOUSLY BETTER WHEN SHE WAS IN MY OFFICE." I wanted to smack him when he said that becasue obviously something was wrong. So last week she finally said Mama I want to try to wear my hearing aid again, she cautiously put it in her ear and smiled adn said, it didn't hurt anymore. I was exstatic becasue finally she had bilateral hearing again and wasn't crying all day at home and school. WHen I took her hearing aid off, the tubing was full of a yellowish substance. She said it was feeling better though. So the second day it was filled with liquid again which led me to believe her ear drum had ruptured. I took her to urgent care and she freaked when they wanted to look in her ear, obviously she has been extremely traumatized this past month and a half. So they get three people to hold her down and press her head against the table and Yes her ear drum had a tear in it from all the built up pressure that finally caused it to burst.She also had a nasty case of swimmers ear on top of it, so FINALLY some answers, it has been a nightmare. I never want to go back to that insensitive man with my daughter again! Anyways, I am so grateful for my ears and my hearing, I think most of us take our hearing, sight, ability to walk, etc for granted. I'm greatful my little girl has finally gotten some relief, it is just too bad they wouldn't put her on antibiotics to clear up her inner ear infection before it blew through her Tympanic Membrane.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary

So this week was our 9th Anniversary. I can't believe next year it will be ten years. Our anniversary was on Thursday and Jeremy obviously had to be in Yuma working, but he got off early and surprised me on Friday with a great weekend. My mom was at my house when I got off work to watch the kiddos and Jeremy got home and off we went. I didn't know where we were going or what we were doing, but it was exciting. The last overnight trip the two of us had was right after we found out Kenz was deaf and that was four years ago. So we drove to Wickenburg and ate at Anitas for dinner, that is a yummy Mexican food restaurant we used to eat at when we were first married and living there. Then we were on our way again. We ended up in Prescott and checked into a beautiful suite there at the Prescott Resort. We had soooooo much fun! I didn't have my camera, so I can't post pictures, but it was so gorgeous there and just being together was so needed. We went to the mall today and he had me buy some new clothes, he is bad for me to shop with because he wants me to get everything. He is such a wonderful husband. I have been in love with Jeremy since I was a junior in high school, he is the greatest choice I have ever made. It has been such a sacrifice living apart this year trying to get our house sold here and getting Kenzie finished up with her schooling. I know the Lord has blessed us and helped us be able to cope with being away from each other, but I have had such a void in my life with him being gone five days a week. All I know is that soon this seperation will be over and hopefully we will never be apart again. He is everything to me and I love him so much. Happy anniversary Jeremy, thank you for such a wonderful weekend, but even more importantly, thank you for nine wonderful years of marriage and fourteen wonderful years as US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tag I'm It

So one of my friends tagged me to give seven random facts about myself, so here goes:

1.) I started babysitting when I was 8 years old, it was a family with 4 daughters, a 5-year-old with down syndrome, a three-year-old, and brand new twins. How crazy is that that I was entrusted with all those babies when I was a baby myself!!!!!!!! (Skyler will be 8 this month and I don't even let him stay home alone, let alone babysit other kiddos, how times have changed.)

2.) I teach nine little kiddos who are deaf and I LOVE it!

3.) I went skydiving and ran a 10K the month before my "husband to be" got off his mission for our church.

4.) I have an extreme fear of spiders, YIKES.

5.) When I was in college, me and a few of my roomies would put on facial masks and walk all the way to the post office to check our mail in the middle of the night. When cars would pass us, we would freeze in funky poses and be statues. I know we were super big nerds, but it was so fun, what else do you do in the middle of the night in a small town.

6.) I love Daiquiri Ice ice cream, it's been my favorite since I was 5 years old, I only eat it once every couple years, but it brings back all those fun childhood memories. Only Baskin Robbins has it, if you get a chance go taste it, it is very tart and refreshing!

7.) I talk to my mom on the phone all the time, every morning as I drive to work, I usually talk to her for about an hour. I also talk to her several other times through the day, she really is my best friend.(along with Jeremy of course.)

OK I am supposed to tag seven people now, so I tag Audra, Elizabeth, Melinda, Angela, both of them, Tia, and Natalie. Lets here your randoms' girls.