Sunday, August 31, 2008

Devey Family Reunion 2008

So we had a great weekend. It started out on Friday after the kids got out of school. Uncle Timmy who just got off his mission drove all of us, Priscilla, Melissa, Brynn, Skyler, MaKenzie, me, and our two dogs up to Phoenix for the reunion. After we got there, everyone went over to play at Brigette's house while Kenz and I took my mom's dog Kenai to my sister. We met at AZ Mills mall and gave her the dog. Then Kenz and I ate in the mall and she was so happy because she got to ride on the carousel. We then went back to Brig's house to pick up Skyler and then drove out to Buckeye to stay at Jeremy's sister Jeanie's house. Jeremy was there by the time we got there and we just got the kids to bed and finally fell asleep around 1am. The next morning Kenz and I met our favorite Speech Pathologist at Dennys for breakfast, it was nice getting to see her again before she heads back to Greece to work. After we got back to Jeanie's, we all headed over to Sarah's house for the family reunion, the kids had a blast swimming and we had a blast visiting and eating tons of great food. We stayed till after 9 and then went back to Jeanie's and pt the kids to bed. One bad thing that happened this day was our dog Annie and Jeanie's dog got into a nasty fight and it was awful. We kept our dog in the kennel the rest of the time. This morning(Sunday) we went back to Sarah's and had our own testimony meeting and read family news letters, it was a super spiritual experience, we feel so blessed to be part of such a great family. The kids were sad to say goodbye to their cousins, but all in all they had a fabulous weekend. Next year we are doing it up in Park City in a cabin, so that will definitely be a highlight of the year. Here is a picture of Wayne and Priscilla Devey and their 10 great kids!

Monday, August 25, 2008

May be a little disturbing to some.

Ok I have to give you some info before the quote. We are watching my mom's dog Kenai while she is in Alaska with my brother. Kenai and our dog Annie have had to work really hard at getting along. Kenai is half her size and he is a boy who is very.... um, how should I say this..."frisky." Anyways, he keeps trying to "get on" Annie(I know, so gross.) His attempts are not successful because she won't sit still, she trys to buck him off her back. Anyways, this morning I hear Skyler in his room getting ready for school. He starts laughing and says, "hey mom, I think the dogs are friends now, Annie is trying to give Kenai a piggy back ride." I about died laughing when he said that so innocently. I think Kenai needs to take a cold shower.

Off To A Good Start...

Ok so it is the kids' second week of school. Kenzie has been praying all weekend that she would make a friend at school. So, I take the kids to school and as Kenz is putting her backpack down, this little girl comes up to us and says, "I don't know that girl." So here is our conversation.
Mom- What is your name
Girl- Abby
Mom- Hey MaKenzie, her name is Abby.
Kenzie- Hi Abby, my name is Makenzie.
Kenzie- Do you want to be my friend?
Mom- Hey Abby, Kenzie is really nervous because she doesn't here the bell very good when it is time to line up, will you help her know when it rings?
Abby- Sure
Then the girls grabbed eachothers hands and ran down onto the playground laughing. I watched as Abby pushed Makenzie on the swings and when the bell rang, she stopped the swing and they ran up back to the line up place and waited for their teachers.
They are in different kinder classes, but at least they can hook up on the playground. As I watched them run off together, I totally cried, this has been something I have worried about since I found out she was deaf over four years ago. Hopefully it isn't just a one time friendship thing. Now Skyler just needs to make a playground buddy and we are set!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

They Survived

Well they survived; they both loved school. They brought Kenzie's FM System towards the end of the day, but having one teacher and 26 kids, they were not able to explain how to use it, so we will meet after school today to go over those details. When I went into her class yesterday to pick her up, she was holding her implant processor on with her hand because the tape wasn't holding it on anymore. By holding it on with her hand, she ended up turning the program to the quietest one, so she couldn't hear me well, on top of that, her hearing aide in the other ear wasn't working, so today I have her double taped and her spare hearing aide on. Hopefully her equipment will be working when I get there. I am glad they were both excited to go again today. Oh and they both agreed that this school is much easier then their last schools were, I am not excited about that, hopefully next week they will challenge them more, I know they have to get an idea of where the kids are academically. OK well hopefully we will get the equip. up and running today.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

The kids were so excited, Skyler came into our room at 6am with his clothes on and backpack on saying he was ready. I had to wake Kenz up, she wouldn't open her eyes, so I put her hearing aide on and told her it was time for school. She still had her eyes closed and gave me the thumbs up sign and said "WOOHOO!" I wish I felt that same enthusiasm. So after getting everyone ready, we took the dog for a short walk and then headed off to their first day school. I sat with them while they ate breakfast in the cafeteria, Kenz had Cheerios and Skyler had Fruit Loops, neither of them ate more than a couple bites, they were too excited and nervous. When we left the cafeteria, Skyler was a little upset because someone stepped on his brand new backpack and got mud all over it and on his water bottle. He held it together though and gave me a hug and lined up with his class. He is such an independent boy, it made me laugh at how cool and calm he was when he lined up with his class. Then I took Kenz to her class, she was excited but I could tell she was a little nervous. The teacher had all the kids come sit on the rug up front and she had the parents stay while she read the book called the "Kissing hand." I cried in the back of the class while she read it. I was so emotional today because the district was supposed to have her FM System in place today, but they hadn't done that. I worked my butt off for the last 2 weeks to ensure she would have it when she started, for those of you wondering what and FM is, it is a microphone the teacher wears and Kenz has a speaker on her desk so the teacher's voice can be amplified. With how noisy the classroom is, it is SUPER hard for Kenz to hear in there. I watched as she listened to the story, I could tell by her face that she couldn't hear the teacher very well, but she stayed seated and watched intently. Anyways, hopefully they district will have it there by tomorrow, I have spent time on the phone this morning about it, and they sounded like they would get it done. So now my two worries are just wondering how the other kids will treat her and hoping and praying that her implant doesn't go flying off on the playground and get stepped on or something.I put toupee tape on it, but with it being 110 degrees and sweating, the tape doesn't work for too long. OK well I will update on how the first day of school was. I am here alone right now, not sure what to do with myself. I was looking forward to a little "me time," but right now I am just sad to not hear my kids playing or fighting with each other. My house feels completely empty without my little side kicks. It is also so hard knowing that I can't shelter them from the world anymore. They are going to be exposed to bad language, and people that might not be so nice.I just have to hope that I have taught them well enough and instilled in them how wonderful they are and how much I love them. Hopefully that love can help them through the adventures that lie ahead. OK well I need to get busy and do something because my heart feels like it is being ripped out of my chest.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend at Brigette's House

This weekend Kenz and I rode up to Phoenix with my mother-in-law Priscilla and my sis-in-law Melissa. Kenzie was pretty excited because she got to watch Cinderella and Finding Nemo in Grandma's van. We had a really nice visit with Brigette. The whole reason we went was because Brig is having a baby in about 5 weeks, so we had a shower for her and baby Chloee. Kenzie had a blast playing with Brig's little boy Jack, she hasn't stopped talking about him since we got home. I got a couple of cute pictures of the two of them together. The other picture is of Brig. at her shower. (Notice Kenzie being the official "Present Hander," she LOVED it!) It was a nice time. It was good to get back to my boys though. They had a great time too, they went and saw the new Star Wars movie, went fishing and swimming in the Colorado river, and just hung out together. Oh and on Friday morning, the kids met their school teachers, they both seemed to like them a lot. The school is ridiculously crowded though, and they do not have teacher's aides in their classes. Ok, well hopfully I will get a chance to blog about their first day of school tomorrow.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Buck Teeth

So, I have been working with Kenz for the last couple weeks to help her stop sucking her thumb. We have had lots of talks about Buck Teeth and my friends and family who had to get braces because of their thumb sucking habits as kids. Well Kenz has stopped the thumb sucking during the day and only sucks it when she goes to sleep at night. I got really serious about stopping the habit when she lost her 2 front teeth. Today she came in my room and asked if I could look up buck teeth on the internet. It took me by suprise, I didn't really know she understood the concept of the internet. Anyways once she saw the images, she said "oohh yuck, I think I will only suck my thumb at night for 3 minutes now." It was funny, I don't know where the 3 minute rule came from, but the less she sucks, the better. I am proud of you Kenz!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


So since Skyler was two we have promised him we would take him to Disneyland when he turned eight. So now that he is eight we made good on our promise. It was such an awesome weekend, we went to the beach on Friday and stayed the night at a hotel about a mile and a half from Disneyland. We walked to D.L at 7:30am on Saturday and stayed until midnight. It was a long adventure filled day. Skyler said,"Mom Disneyland really is a place where dreams come true!" Some of his favorite rides were Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones,Pirates of the Caribbean, and Thunder Mountain. Kenzie loved all the rides, she is my little thrill seeker, unfortunately she couldn't ride any of the big roller coasters because with Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts, the roller coasters will cause her to lose more of her hearing in her hearing aid ear. She was bummed about that. When Skyler and Dad went on Splash Mountain, she started crying and said, "Mom I really don't want to be deaf, it isn't fair." It made me sad, but I just have to keep encouraging her and letting her know how blessed she is to be as healthy as she is and how wonderful she is. Anyways, her favorite part of the day was the parade with all the different princesses, we were right in front and she just waved and smiled and was astounded when the princesses blew her kisses. I felt like a kid myself when I watched her. When the Chip and Dale the chipmunks came out in the parade, she jumped up and said "Hi Beavers, hi beavers, hi beavers!!!!!" I had to tell her they were chipmunks, the people around us laughed. We were really lucky too because they gave us a special card that let us use the exit to get on all the rides since Jeremy and Skyler would be going on rides that she wouldn't be able to go on because of her EVA, so the longest we waited in line was 3-5 minutes. It was incredible, I mean we went on Indiana Jones several times and the sign that showed the approx. wait in line for that one was 1 hour and 55 minutes, yikes, we know we were definitely blessed, we hit every ride in the park! All in all it was a fabulous day, oh I have to give kudos to Jeremy for going on the Tea Cup ride and spinning faster than anyone else out there. The kids loved it, I knew he would regret it when the ride ended. He staggered out and had to hang over the bushes for a few minutes, he was seriously ready to hurl. I apologized that he felt like that but told him I would take a pict of him if he did and post it on my blog, I think that helped him breath through the few minutes of severe nausea. We were all dead on our feet by midnight, but Jeremy carried Kenz on his shoulders the whole mile and a half back to the hotel. I put the picture of him carrying her on his shoulders here, Skyler and I were laughing cause I told him that "Dad had some crack on his back." I don't know if it was because we were deliriously tired or what, but we laughed about that for a while. We got back to the hotel a little after 1am. It was funny because Kenz was squealing and laughing and within 30 seconds was out cold; they are usually up by 6am and didn't wake up till after 9 this morning, yay! So our next trip to D.L will be when MaKenzie turns eight, we are already planning!

The Beach

SO we went to the beach in Sandiego, CA on Friday, it was so much fun. The weather was perfect, the kids got along, and we had a blast! Let's see, we buried Jeremy in the sand, made sand castles, and jumped in the waves for hours. If we lived in CA, I think Skyler would turn into a surfer, he had no fear, I had to keep dragging him closer to shore, I was out there with him and it the water was up to my neck, so he was treading water, but didn't want to go closer to shore, he kept saying he wanted to be out with the bigger waves. It was so fun. MaKenzie, loved playing in the waves too, but closer to shore. She was afraid a shark would get her if she went out too far. The funniest part of the day for me was after we buried Jeremy in the sand, Skyler and I were dying to get back out in the waves, so we took off running and it was like a scene from Baywatch (minus the big boobs and lifeguard body) We were running, the wind in our hair, almost in slow motion and at the same time we both stepped into a hole in the sand and went down face first into the water, it was hilarious, at first I thought I sprained my ankle, but it felt better after about 20seconds. Even just writing about it now I can't stop laughing because I am picturing how dumb we must have looked as we went down at the same time! It was such a fun day, we got a little too much sun, but that was my fault because I didn't re-apply the sunscreen. We can't wait to take another weekend and head up there again!