Sunday, August 31, 2008

Devey Family Reunion 2008

So we had a great weekend. It started out on Friday after the kids got out of school. Uncle Timmy who just got off his mission drove all of us, Priscilla, Melissa, Brynn, Skyler, MaKenzie, me, and our two dogs up to Phoenix for the reunion. After we got there, everyone went over to play at Brigette's house while Kenz and I took my mom's dog Kenai to my sister. We met at AZ Mills mall and gave her the dog. Then Kenz and I ate in the mall and she was so happy because she got to ride on the carousel. We then went back to Brig's house to pick up Skyler and then drove out to Buckeye to stay at Jeremy's sister Jeanie's house. Jeremy was there by the time we got there and we just got the kids to bed and finally fell asleep around 1am. The next morning Kenz and I met our favorite Speech Pathologist at Dennys for breakfast, it was nice getting to see her again before she heads back to Greece to work. After we got back to Jeanie's, we all headed over to Sarah's house for the family reunion, the kids had a blast swimming and we had a blast visiting and eating tons of great food. We stayed till after 9 and then went back to Jeanie's and pt the kids to bed. One bad thing that happened this day was our dog Annie and Jeanie's dog got into a nasty fight and it was awful. We kept our dog in the kennel the rest of the time. This morning(Sunday) we went back to Sarah's and had our own testimony meeting and read family news letters, it was a super spiritual experience, we feel so blessed to be part of such a great family. The kids were sad to say goodbye to their cousins, but all in all they had a fabulous weekend. Next year we are doing it up in Park City in a cabin, so that will definitely be a highlight of the year. Here is a picture of Wayne and Priscilla Devey and their 10 great kids!


Tina said...

It's great you could all get together...:)

Anonymous said...

Reunions are (usually) fun. The Deveys are awesome.

Tara said...

Looking forward to next year's reunion in Park City, so maybe we can connect. Looks like you married into another great family!