Monday, August 25, 2008

Off To A Good Start...

Ok so it is the kids' second week of school. Kenzie has been praying all weekend that she would make a friend at school. So, I take the kids to school and as Kenz is putting her backpack down, this little girl comes up to us and says, "I don't know that girl." So here is our conversation.
Mom- What is your name
Girl- Abby
Mom- Hey MaKenzie, her name is Abby.
Kenzie- Hi Abby, my name is Makenzie.
Kenzie- Do you want to be my friend?
Mom- Hey Abby, Kenzie is really nervous because she doesn't here the bell very good when it is time to line up, will you help her know when it rings?
Abby- Sure
Then the girls grabbed eachothers hands and ran down onto the playground laughing. I watched as Abby pushed Makenzie on the swings and when the bell rang, she stopped the swing and they ran up back to the line up place and waited for their teachers.
They are in different kinder classes, but at least they can hook up on the playground. As I watched them run off together, I totally cried, this has been something I have worried about since I found out she was deaf over four years ago. Hopefully it isn't just a one time friendship thing. Now Skyler just needs to make a playground buddy and we are set!


Audycamp said...

Those are definitely tender mercies from Heavenly Father when something so little really means so much! I'm so glad she has a new playground buddy:)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet answer to prayer!