Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend at Brigette's House

This weekend Kenz and I rode up to Phoenix with my mother-in-law Priscilla and my sis-in-law Melissa. Kenzie was pretty excited because she got to watch Cinderella and Finding Nemo in Grandma's van. We had a really nice visit with Brigette. The whole reason we went was because Brig is having a baby in about 5 weeks, so we had a shower for her and baby Chloee. Kenzie had a blast playing with Brig's little boy Jack, she hasn't stopped talking about him since we got home. I got a couple of cute pictures of the two of them together. The other picture is of Brig. at her shower. (Notice Kenzie being the official "Present Hander," she LOVED it!) It was a nice time. It was good to get back to my boys though. They had a great time too, they went and saw the new Star Wars movie, went fishing and swimming in the Colorado river, and just hung out together. Oh and on Friday morning, the kids met their school teachers, they both seemed to like them a lot. The school is ridiculously crowded though, and they do not have teacher's aides in their classes. Ok, well hopfully I will get a chance to blog about their first day of school tomorrow.


Audycamp said...

baby showers are so fun! glad the kids are liking school but too bad it's so crowded!

Elizabeth said...

Glad you had such a great trip! It is frustrating to see how crowded the schools can get, I agree, and then you worry about how they are learning with so many students for the poor teachers to attend to.
It isn't fair to the teachers or the students.

The school here had the same problem until they built the one just next to our house. It seems a bit better now but this area keeps on growing.