Monday, October 20, 2008

Brenda Tagged me...

I am supposed to list 6 weird things about myself I thought the pict up there was kinda a weird one that was fitting for this post, so here goes:

1. I like to watch my kids sleep, sometimes I will just go sit on the floor in their room or snuggle up next to them and just stare at them for a long time. I don't know if it is because it is the only time they are sitting still enough for me actually look at them or what, but it is so peaceful to me.

2. I like to make myself sneeze, totally gross, but if I stick a feather or something around my nose, I sneeze. Not that that is too weird, but sometimes I make myself sneeze like 10 times in a row, I just think it is fun. I know kinda freakish.

3. I like to scare my husband. I never used to do this, but he always hid around corners and stuff and would jump out and scare me, so then I started doing it to him. I have to say turn about is fare play. It is so fun to be hiding in a closet and have him go to get something and just scare the pants off him. Nothing like making a grown man scream like a girl!~Sorry Jeremy, you started it though, you've created a monster! :)

4. When I was trying to stop drinking Diet Pepsi, I bought my last one(at the time) and drank it so slowly and saved the can. After it was gone I filled it up with water and would drink out of it all day. I was making my self think I had a soda because I had the can in my hand, but it was only water, I look back on that and I think that is weird. Unfortunantly my love affair with soda is back. I did really good for about 8 months without it. Then I was at my moms house one weekend about 2 months ago. I saw my dads sodas in the fridge, most of you know he passed away), but when I saw them in there, I got really sad and I just really wanted to drink one, and I did and now I am trying to wean myself back off of them.

5. I hate wearing nylons, I do wear them occasionally, but I feel like I am sufforcating when I wear them. So if you ever see me at church and I am wearing nylons and look a little uncomfortable, it is because I am.

6. Let's see, what can I put for my last one? Um, when my kids are at school, I like to put on my favorite CD's and belt out my favorite songs, usually in the car, I know that is lame to put on my weird things list because lets face it, you know you do it too.
Ok I think I will tag Natalie, Angela, Tabatha, Tia, Tina, Jen, Brigette, Dru, and anyone else out there who can think of a few weird things you do.


AudyCamp said...

I loved reading this! I love the weird things about my Ali! btw I love your hair in this pic..SO CUTE! I think I'm gonna start trying to scare Tim more often..REmember that time I hid in your trunk and scared him? That was the best!

Tina said...

Cute picture!

Interesting trivia too. I might have to agree with you that the sneezing thing is rather freakish...;)

BJ said...

hey, we will be canceling our internet the end of this week...bummer! my email is on my blog, will you send me your contact info so i don't lose contact with you? For christmas cards and stuff? I will be chekcing blogs and stuff every once in a while, when i can get to the library. So if i post on here, you'll know i've posted on mine. ;) So fun to be in touch, sorry it won't be as often.

Kimmy said...

I can totally picture you scaring Jeremy. Thats hilarious! Keeps him on his toes.

brenda said...

Hi Alison!

I agree with you on the ice from Sam's club! You're great! I need to try that Diet Pepsi trick!


The Cain family said...

I love to scare my husband too! He doesn't think some of my tactics are fair (like hiding in the office when he just gets home from work) but I think it's all part of the game!