Friday, October 31, 2008

Quote of the day~

Mom- Sit on the bed pumpkin so I can do your hair.
Makenzie- Mom can you call me candy corn instead of pumpkin?
Mom- Alright, sit on the bed candy corn so I can do your hair.
I love my silly munchkins!!!!! Happy Halloween!


Tina said...

She is a cute little candy corn....:)

The Cain family said...

I miss that girl sooo much! Nothing said at school is never as funny as what she always came up with. I went back through my blog the other day and laughed hysterically at "My oatmeal was mad at me because I ate it!" That story I wrote about being called a potbelly was naturally C.S. (older kid) and poor Cammie freaked out! We had a good laugh about it.