Friday, November 28, 2008

Week of Fun~

Sam, Mom, Ali, Nicky and baby Deegan

Uncle Sam with his nieces and Nephews

Makenzie, Timmy, and Kelvin

Kelvin, Grandma, Reagan, Jack, and MaKenzie on the couch watching Wally

Granny and MaKenzie

This week Jeremy's sister Dru came to Yuma with her kids. We had a great time full of visiting, cousin sleep overs, and the park. On Wed. I turned 30 which was kind of depressing for me, but all in all I don't feel too much different than I did when I was 29. We spent the day at Bridgette's house hanging out and eating of course. Jeremy rode up to Phoenix with his Dad after they got off work, it was so nice to finally have him here, I don't know if it was becasue it was my b-day or what, but I was missing him so bad all day. We ended up staying hte night at Sara and Davin's house and then heading out to my mom's early the next morning. Jeremy took Skyler and my brother Sam, who flew in from Colorado, on a hike out by my mom's somewhere. MaKenzie just enjoyed the quiet of Grandma's house and playing with the school house and McDonalds playset that I used to play with when I was a kid. It is fun watching my kids play with toys that I did when I was little. Nicky and her little family came over right before it was time to eat. Kenzie had fun with her cousins. Poor Skyler doesn't have anyone in my family his age, so he just hung out, but he had the whole week with his other cousins, so he can deal with it for a day. Anyways, Mom outdid herself with her delicious appetizers, huge feast and great pie! She is such an amazing person. I was so glad we could be with her this Thanksgiving. We drove back to Yuma after we ate dinner, we unpacked, got the kids to bed and then I worked out because I blew it big time on Wed and Thursday. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and were surrounded by the people you love!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Night!

Ok so this post may seem a little jumbled, but I am SUPER tired. Last night was the Twilight Midnight release.Usually I wouldn't ever go to a midnight showing, but my friends Sabra and Shannon put on this great tailgate/pre-show party. It was full of friends, food, and prizes. I sat with my good friend Shelly and we had a great time! Obviously they can't fit an amazing book into two hours of footage, but they did a pretty good job! My favorite part of the night was when one of my awsome friends Stephanie won one of the prizes, it was a life sized cardboard cutout of Edward! It was so hilarious, you just have to know Stephanie, she is the funnest person ever. She is going through some extremely difficult trials that most of us could never even begin to imagine. Seeing her smile and hearing her scream and run up to her cardboard man was priceless. Another highlight of the Twilight night was just seeing old friends I haven't seen in a long time. There is a pict of me and Shelly, my friend Natalie and her sister Jana, my friend Angela and her family, and of course Stephanie and "Edward".Oh I don't think I mentioned that the girls who through this big bash actually rented out our own theater, it was great. Anyways, I have had 2 hours of sleep and I think I am actually going to go take a nap, I have not done that in years, but my bed is literally calling my name. Thanks girls for all your hard work getting this party together!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random kid picts

Here are a few picts of the kiddos, you may notice that I usually have so many picts of Kenzie and not too many of Skyler, just so you know why, it is because Skyler is not a fan of getting his picture taken while Kenz LOVES having her picture taken!


A couple weeks ago we had a fake "EMERGENCY" camp out. Jeremy came home from work and said there was a pretend emergency and we needed to grab our 72 hour packs and leave right away. So we jumped in the car and headed out to an area in the middle of no where and set up camp. It took us quite a while to get our tent up, it was a brand new one, so we had never put it up before. Jeremy made a fire and then we worked for a long time getting it together. The problem was we couldn't see the directions or the colors on the poles, it was way to dark and it was extremely windy. Jeremy made some ramen for the kids and some noodle thing out of our pack, definitely not a great meal, but if we were really hungry and in a real emergency, it would be wonderful. So the whole experience was good practice, but it was definitely a rough night. Our tent wasn't staked down, so it kept blowing over on top of us. It was also so loud. My family sleeps like rocks, they must get it from their dad because I didn't sleep more than 20 minutes the whole night. We were up at 5 and packing up, when we got the tent broken down, it about blew away with Jeremy attached to it, it was the windiest night and morning I have EVER experienced. Once the sun came up the wind died down, then we had fun hiking around and just enjoying ourselves. We made a quick Mr.G's pit stop on the way home(the best Mexican Fast food ever) and that concluded our spontaneous camping trip. It helped us know what else we need to pack in our 72 hour kits(socks, and a spare implant battery). So hopefully our next emergency camp out will begin before it is pitch black outside and involve a lot LESS wind.

Our great Yuma park!

So this last week we went to the Yuma Wetlands Park, they have an amazing play structure there, my kids had a blast. I was pretty irritated though while we were there because this poor little girl with down syndrome was all alone. BAsically when we got there there was one little kiddo there with his grandparents and then us, then this sweet little girl with D.S comes out of the tree house and she is bare foot and dirty and can't talk. Well she could utter single words. Anyways, sh estayed with me and Kenz the whole time she was so smiley and happy to have someone to play with. I had to stay right there with Kenz the whole time because the little girl was VERY, VERY touchy and Kenz was getting a little nervous. Anyways, I was asking the little girl where her mommy and daddy were, she kept saying "home" finally after about an hour of being there her dad who was at the very end of the parking lot sleeping in his car came to check on her. When he saw her he went back out to his car. I was so mad, for one, anyone could take her or do what ever they wanted to her in a huge park like that, not to mention, she wanted to leave with us and get in our car when it was time to go. I am sure she would want ot go with anyone who actually paid some attention to her. My gosh watch your kids people. It just doesn't seem right that some kids are born to parents who don't take care of them. Ok I will stop venting, I just can't stand it when people don't take care of their kids, especially if they have special needs!

Perfect Attendance Award

So Kenzie had her first awards ceremony at school. She had perfect attendance for the first semester. Can you tell she was excited? It wasn't so much about being at school everyday, more along the lines of getting a free Sonic slush. Skyler missed one day because his was sick, so he didn't get it this semester, maybe next time buddy!