Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our great Yuma park!

So this last week we went to the Yuma Wetlands Park, they have an amazing play structure there, my kids had a blast. I was pretty irritated though while we were there because this poor little girl with down syndrome was all alone. BAsically when we got there there was one little kiddo there with his grandparents and then us, then this sweet little girl with D.S comes out of the tree house and she is bare foot and dirty and can't talk. Well she could utter single words. Anyways, sh estayed with me and Kenz the whole time she was so smiley and happy to have someone to play with. I had to stay right there with Kenz the whole time because the little girl was VERY, VERY touchy and Kenz was getting a little nervous. Anyways, I was asking the little girl where her mommy and daddy were, she kept saying "home" finally after about an hour of being there her dad who was at the very end of the parking lot sleeping in his car came to check on her. When he saw her he went back out to his car. I was so mad, for one, anyone could take her or do what ever they wanted to her in a huge park like that, not to mention, she wanted to leave with us and get in our car when it was time to go. I am sure she would want ot go with anyone who actually paid some attention to her. My gosh watch your kids people. It just doesn't seem right that some kids are born to parents who don't take care of them. Ok I will stop venting, I just can't stand it when people don't take care of their kids, especially if they have special needs!


AudyCamp said...

Wow -that looks like a FUN park! How sad about that girl!! Makes me cry that such a special girl could be in such a bad situation:(

Kimmy said...

That breaks my heart for that little girl. I think its easy to take for granted that this is a relatively safe place to raise kids, but even so, it just takes one moment and one twisted mind and that could shatter ones world forever.

Nicki said...

OK, I know this has been posted for a while but I have to comment. Your outrage reminds me of why I love you! You may know that I work in a pediatric ICU in downtown Phoenix. Unfortunately, I see the ugly result of some of these kind of situations:( and it does infuriate me! However, I ease my mind by reminding myself that there also exists amazing parents like you! By the way, I'm trying to learn sign because my brother, Tyler just had a baby born with audio neuropathy and we don't know yet how severe it will be. If you have any favorite videos or something, I would love any tips. Thanks! Love and miss you!
P.S. I saw your parents at Costco a while back:)

Anonymous said...

That park is great! We love it!