Sunday, December 21, 2008

Five Minutes With Mary...

In church our Relief Society teacher wanted us to think about what we would say if we had five minutes with Mary, the mother of our Savior. So, I was thinking about it; what would I ask her, what would I say to the sweet woman who raised the Son of God. So the more I thought about it, the more I just wished I could thank her for devoting her life to raising the Savior. I can't even begin to imagine the heart ache she felt through out much of her life as she witnessed others mocking, persecuting and ultimately crucifying her son. So I wrote a little poem as I was trying to think of what I would say if I were able to talk with her, to sit with her face to face, to ask her whatever I wanted to ask her. So here are my thought...

On that dark blessed night with the light of the star,
people came searching from near and from far.

To see the sweet babe in your earthly care,
sleeping sound in the manger, oh the load he'd soon bare.

How did it feel to hold that sweet child,
flesh of our father, so meek and so mild?

Did you know what would would become of your precious son?
The Lord of Heaven and Earth, God's chosen one?

How your heart must have ached with pain and with grief
when he went out in a world stained with sin and unbelief.

Oh Mary, sweet Mary, chosen mother of the Lamb,
you raised the Savior who would raise all Man.

Oh, if I could sit down beside you and tell you face to face
of how much I admire you for your courage and your grace.

I would love to hear the stories that only a Mother could tell
about what it was like to raise the child, Christ the Lord, Emanuel.

I ache with the pain you must have felt, to experience such great loss,
for a mother to witness her loving son hanging on a cross.

You were chosen for his mother because of your virtue, strength, and love
Entrusted with God's child from the Royal Courts above.

From his birth till his death you were his mother so true
Mary, from one mother to another, I give my deepest thanks to you.
By, Alison Devey

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School Christmas Program

I videoed a lot of the program, so I forgot to take any pictures of my little Reindeer MaKenzie. She had a great time on stage, after ever song they sang, she would turn to the boy next to her and ask him if her red nose came off, it was just lipstick on her nose, but she kept touching it, it was pretty funny. Skyler had his program the second night and was in a special play called It's Christmas on Candy Cane Lane." It was very cute, he was an Evergreen Tree in it! I had to also post the pictures of my kids in the car ride over. You can tell that Skyler is crying in the picture. If you are wondering why he was so sad, just look at the picture of his sister and you can probably guess, she was being a little pill!!!!!!!!!

Ward Christmas Party

Last Friday night was our ward Christmas party, it was great. They had wonderful, the primary sang Away in a Manger, and Kenzie was asked to be "Mary" in it. She was thrilled to pieces and she sang parts of the song very loud. Here are a few picts. Skyler is not in many of the picts because he is a hater of the camera. Kenzie is total opposite and LOVES being in picts. Oh Kenzie asked Santa for make-up and told him she would only wear it at home. Skyler asked for a DS and then smiled winked at me. This is his first year where "he knows." I miss his enthusiasm and excitement over Santa. Childhood just goes way too fast.