Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

Last Friday night was our ward Christmas party, it was great. They had wonderful, the primary sang Away in a Manger, and Kenzie was asked to be "Mary" in it. She was thrilled to pieces and she sang parts of the song very loud. Here are a few picts. Skyler is not in many of the picts because he is a hater of the camera. Kenzie is total opposite and LOVES being in picts. Oh Kenzie asked Santa for make-up and told him she would only wear it at home. Skyler asked for a DS and then smiled winked at me. This is his first year where "he knows." I miss his enthusiasm and excitement over Santa. Childhood just goes way too fast.


AudyCamp said...

aw...shucks. I don't want that magic to leave spencer & NO to answer your question. I think homeschooling saved one last Christmas in our house!:)

Sabra said...

I have a ten year old who still believes! Each year we wonder if she'll figure it out. She's a pretty smart girl, so we're starting to wonder if she knows but just doesn't want to ruin it for everyone (including her parents).

Kristal said...

Ooooh, this makes me excited for our ward party this weekend...they've been keeping the WHOLE thing a surprise...bettered be Amazing! Uh, I kept the magic for at least 10 years. I don't think anyone should lose the magic, that sucks!