Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few highlights of the month

I have been so busy lately that I have not had a chance to post about anything going on in our lives. I thought I would give a little update since I have a couple hours before church and the house is relatively calm right now. First of all the kiddos are loving their new school. Skyler's teacher is Miss Babbs and Makenzie's teacher is Miss Roche, they are both great! MaKenzie loves that there is a big golden retriever that lives in her classroom, I think that helped her adjust to her class rather quickly. Since Skyler is doing so well in his subjects, he was invited to join the gardening club. He LOVES this, he gets to leave his class for an hour a couple times a week and go outside and move rocks, shovel dirt and plant flowers and vegetables and such. For those of you who know Skyler anything involving dirt, bugs, rocks, is his favorite pastime. I am working full time now, because we really need better insurance since ours from Jeremy's work refuses to cover anything to do with Kenzie's hearing loss. Also with Jeremy's rough health with his seizures and all, we owe thousands to the lovely hospital here. So, it is definitely good that soon we will have insurance from my work, apparently it is extremely good! School for me is going great so far, it is very time consuming, but in a couple of days when April comes I will be able to say "next month, I will have one semester down and four more to go!" I can't wait to learn more, I would not be too thrilled if this was a masters any any other area. I feel that what I am learning now is preparing me for a lot of things I will be dealing with in MaKenzie's education and throughout her life. Jeremy is doing better now, he had a rough couple of weeks following a nasty seizure, but his medication has been changed up again and he seems to be doing better. Let's see what else...Oh Kenzie got a bead stuck way down in her ear. It was when she was in bed one night, she came running out of her room dripping in sweat and crying saying, "MOM I PUT A BEAD IN MY EAR AND NOW IT IS STUCK IN MY EAR CANAL!" My first thought was, "if you are smart enough to say ear canal, you are too big to be putting things in your ear! Anyways, to make a long story short, the DR. at Urgent Care said she would need to go to her pediatrician the following day and have the bead vacuumed out. When we got home Kenzie asked me to say a prayer that she would be OK, so I did, then I got an idea, I would never do this if I thought she wouldn't hold completely still, but Jeremy shone a flashlight in her ear and I broke a bobby pin and gently stuck it in her ear and fished it out. I got it on the first try and didn't even touch her ear, it was a bead that had a hole in the middle, so was able to just pull it right out!!!!!!!!!!! I was so relieved and then Kenz promised she would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER... put anything in her ears again except for her ear mold for her hearing aid. Lets see what else? Skyler had his first Cub scout day camp and had a blast learning how to shoot a BB gun, bow and arrow, and he also carved a boot out of a bar of soap. The kids both participated in a bike rodeo at their school and Skyler won a $50.00 gift certificate to Mr. B's Bicycle Shop. We have flown kites a couple of windy evenings, we went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens, and have just enjoyed our time together as a family! Well I am sad that this little post is all I have to show for our last month. I feel bad because I used to post about everything, but with working now, and going to school. I feel it is more important for me to play with the kids rather than write about them everyday, I will do my best to recap the months adventures. Hope you are all having a wonderful March, we are so excited because tomorrow is our first day of Spring Break!

Jeremy getting ready to show that dollar store kite who is boss!

Kenzie running like the wind, trying to fly her kite!

Skyler before heading off to the bike rodeo, he was so excited to win the $50 gift certificate!

Skyler enjoying a little tree climbing, he really is half monkey!

Kenzie after informing me that she had a bead stuck in her ear canal!


AudyCamp said...

I think that was a great post Ali. And what??.. she stuck a bead in her ear! That silly girl. We've been doing some kite flying too. I should get a picture of that. Not to sound repetitive but Spence is such a climber too just like Skyler.That's a great photo of him in the tree. I'm glad that you have good insurance with your work..what a huge difference that makes especially I'm sure with Kenzie. Hope all else is well with you guys. :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for taking the time to give an update. What a wise mommy you are, thinking to spend time enjoying your children. That is the most important thing. Glad to hear things are going well for you guys!

Kimmy said...

I like your "highlights". You are a brave woman Allison- the bobby pin in the ear trick would have freaked me out.(It makes me laugh thinking about Kenz sticking the bead in her ear though- Kylie stuck one up her nose one night, so if you ever need to know the home remedy for getting beads out of the nose let us know.) ;)

The McEwen Family said...

It was good to hear about everything that is going on in your life and you are one busy little bee. I am so proud of you for going back to school and work and everything. I hope Jeremy is doing ok and I miss you so much! Lots of love!!

Jonelle said...

The bead story is a classic. I love to hear how well MaKenzie is communicating; it gives me such hopes for Carly. I'm glad to hear that Jeremy is doing better,too.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I am so glad you were able to get that bead out of her ear! Yikes!