Sunday, May 31, 2009

We are looking for a new rental??????

Jeremy and I have had enough of our condo living. Yes it is cheap, but we are ready for a little more room. I am a little tired of having to open the fridge every time I need to get in the dish washer. Jeremy wants to leave because he had such awful health in this place and wants a fresh start. So this is going out to everyone in Yuma in hopes that you may know someone trying to rent a house. It doesn't need to be anything spectacular, just a house with a backyard(preferably with grass). We are looking to stay under a thousand a month, even if it is $995, that sounds better than $1000. We do own a small dog, but she is potty trained and all. We found a four bedroom in Rancho Sereno for $1000. we couldn't call on it yet though because we just found it yesterday and of course no realty office is going to be open and show a rental on that day. Anyways, just keep your ears open for us please!!!

Randy and Jessica Came to Visit!

A couple weeks ago, my brother Randy and his wife Jessica came for a little visit. We swam and I made a nice dinner, then Randy showed off his skills on his new guitar while the kids just soaked up every minute of them. We were sad the visit was so short, but so grateful they made a detour that landed them in Yuma for the day. It was the first time MaKenzie was able to meet aunt Jessica and she just loved her. She talked about her Aunt Jessica for days. Hopefully they will come visit again next summer with their kids too. Plane tickets from Alaska are pretty pricey though. Anyways, we loved our visit and are so grateful for such a wonderful family! Thanks for coming guys!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day Present to Myself

I have always loved reading the interviews people do with their children and since it was Mother's Day today, I decided to finally do one with my kids and hear what they have to say about me. So here we go...

What is your favorite memory you have with mom?
Skyler-Going to the park everyday, which will never happen again because I am in school now.
Makenzie- It's my game you have that you took to school to work with your kids with.
Alison- no not the game Memory, what is the funnest thing you remember doing with your mom?
Kenzie-It was at Disneyland, it was so fun that it makes me say YIPEE YAY, I love Disneyland, it's the funnest thing ever in my whole life.

What's one thing Mom always says?
Makenzie- I love you, you say that A LOT!
Skyler-It could either be "No" or "I love you."

What nickname does mom usually call you?
MaKenzie- Kenzie Benzie, no just Kenzie and that is all.
Skyler-You call me your little buddy.

What is your favorite meal I make?(I promise I make real food, but my kids are not fond of the good stuff, they are just like I was when I was a kid, only my favorite was pasta and cereal.)
Skyler- Ramon, no actually I always cook that, but the one you cook is Alfredo.
MaKenzie- I have two, oatmeal, and pasta, oh wait, I actually have three, oatmeal, pasta, and pasta salad.

What is your favorite thing about mom?
MaKenzie-That I love her and she loves me, that she is always so kind and sweet to me.
Skyler-My favorite thing about mom is that she is nice and she loves me.

What is your favorite song mom sings to you?
Skyler- I have no idea
MaKenzie- I have no idea too.
Skyler- Don't copy me MaKenzie.
Alison-Seriously guys, what song?
MaKenzie- Bow Bow Bow Yipee Yow Yippee Yay (from 102 Dalmatians,)How about write You Are My Sunshine Underneath.

What is the silliest thing Mom does?
Skyler-Trips and falls alot.
MaKenzie-The part where you say, "Ewww, I see something under your armpit, let me see, let me see!" Then when I lift up my arm you tickle it, that's pretty silly.
Skyler- Can we finish this interview already and play Tickle Monster???

What are the three most important things to mom?
MaKenzie- The gospel, us, and Jesus.
Skyler- Us, our family, and the gospel.

What makes Mom sad?
Skyler-Us when we fight.
MaKenzie-When we're naughty and when both of my grandpas died, Grandpa Lloyd, and Grandpa Kent, that made you really sad, huh?

What does Mom do that you hope you can do when you grow up?
MaKenzie- Be a Mom
Skyler- Have a job, have money, and buy a real cell phone.

Any final things you want to tell me on this Mother's Day?
Skyler- I love you and that's all and thank you for being me mom.
MaKenzie- We love you forever and forever, no matter what happens in your life.

Thanks kids, I love you both more than words can say, I hope you both always remember that. I will always be here for you, I hope you will come to me throughout your lives when times are rough, when you are struggling, when you are happy, when the world gets you down. I would do anything for you both, I know there will come a day when you don't always want me right there beside you holding your hand, when you don't want me to snuggle with you at bedtime, when you that day comes I will read back over this interview and remember these times and wait for whatever phase you are going through to pass, I assure you it will. I still want to talk to my mom everyday, I still hold her hand, and I cherish the times we snuggle up on the couch and chat for hours. One of the greatest gifts I have been given is the gift of a loving mother who taught me the gospel, who taught me that I am a child of God, who loved me unconditionally and helped me and who continues to help me through all the ups and downs in life. Again I love you both so much, I love not only my mom, but all the mom figures I have had in my life to help me become the mother I am today. Happy Mother's Day!