Monday, November 2, 2009


I got a couple comments about Skyler having glasses, that is my mistake, I didn't put the other Halloween picts on there. He had a Harry Potter costume and a little scar drawn on his forehead, if the picture of him with glasses on was closer up, you would see that there were no lenses in the glasses, he was using them for his Harry Potter costume! ;)


Kimmy said...

Those glasses look so natural on him that I didnt even notice.
Sorry that Kenzie had a rough start. She looks as cute as can be though!

Elizabeth said...

Hi To answer your question about Time Out. I wasn't planning on going originally because I didn't know about it.I probably should have known, opps. But I will have to look into it. Yes, I do hope you will come see me or I can meet up with you, or something. Ah, that is the story behind the costumes I saw your pics on FB but didn't know the story.