Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Saturday Hike!

Dad, Skyler, Makenzie, and Annie dog~

Skyler, our little hiker, he got to the top of the mountain first~

Miss MaKenzie~

Mom, and her munchkins

Skyler and Kenzie in the little cave~
So we loaded up in the car today and drove out to Welton, we hiked "Ali mountain," actually it was Antelope mountain, it has a big A painted on it, but we like the name "Ali Mountain" better.It was so much fun, we couldn't believe the kids made it to the top, it was a lot of fun!


Kimmy said...

How fun! I like the name change to Ali mountain too!

Tina said...

It would just not occur to me to go hiking in Wellton. (Maybe if the mountain had a T on it!)

I'm sure this will always be a good memory for your kids :)