Sunday, December 20, 2009

A few Pre-Christmas Pictures

I tried to do the impossible today, take a picture of my two munchkins together where they are both smiling and cooperating. I don't know how those of you out there with several kids manage to get such nice pictures. These were the best two of the kids together that I could get, the many others were deleted because either Skyler was rolling his eyes or scooting away from Kenzie, or Kenzie was looking the wrong direction or doing a funny fake smiley face. We ended up having to stop in our attempts to get the perfect picture because we were going to be late for church.Skyler took the picture of me and Jeremy and it is a little scary looking, but I need to have picts of Jeremy and I in our blog books for our kiddos. I wish I could photoshop away the extra chins!!!!!Anyways, Merry Christmas everyone!


Kimmy said...

I think those pictures are fantastic! Kenzies dress is adorable, and I love how you did her hair!
Merry Christmas to you!

Brenda said...

Your pictures are beautiful!
Merry Christmas!

Tina said...

Cute pictures!

I think people usually have to take tons of pictures to come out with a few good ones, don't you?

I hope you had a nice Christmas.

Joe & Ren said...

Hey how are you doing? You have such BEAUTIFUL kids!!! I just love reading your blog!! Hope all is with you and your family!! Have a good one!

Renda Moore Nuttall