Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Few Randoms...

I wanted to write down a couple funny things the kids have said lately. First off, Kenz and I were checking out at Wal-Mart today and she wanted a pack of gum. I told her no because I already had gum, she started whining and would not let it go. People of course are glancing at us to see what the commotion is about, and she wouldn't stop. All of a sudden she freezes and says, "Mom is that Santa?" I looked behind me and saw the big guy himself. She hid in-between me and the checkout counter and says, "OH NO mom, I might be on the naughty list!" It was so funny, she was an angel after that. Then I found out that they were doing free 5X7 pictures with Santa and she refused to go do it, she said she was embarrassed and she didn't want him to see her up close.

Another one...The kids were in the car and Skyler is drawing with crayons in his notebook. Kenzie decides to be bother him and take his crayons. Jeremy and I are telling them to stop and be nice, then we hear this: "Ha, ha I broke your crayons Skyler!" (to which he replies) "That's OK, Kenzie they were yours." She learned a lesson that day.

Jeremy goes into Kenzie's room this afternoon...
Jeremy-Hey sweetie, are you doing OK?
Kenzie- Yep I am Daddy!
Jeremy- I love you!
Kenzie-I love you to, now get out!

(From these posts I am sure you can see the fiesty side of my daughter, she really is a character, but we sure love her.)


Stephanie said...

LOL!! Those were fun to hear! Thanks for sharing!

Kimmy said...

Oh my goodness- she is too precious! The Santa thing- hilarious! And her "get-out" to Jeremy-- what a firecracker!

AudyCamp said...

SEriously...are kids are so the same. Too funny!