Saturday, December 4, 2010


Here are a few random pictures from the past couple months. I posted a ton below, so I just lumped these pictures together without the accompanying novel. This is a clay manger scene that Makenzie made today, when I took the picture Makenzie said, "wait, wait, I will be the angel, because I don't have enough clay to make it!"Skyler overtaking my teacher desk, I love my boy!
MaKenzie's 2nd grade Johnny Appleseed performance

Skyler in the Veteran's Day parade

A quick visit from sweet grandma Sharon!

MaKenzie and cousin Brynn taking off!
My little monkey~

Welcome Baby Lillie!

Skyler holding baby Lillie on Thanksgiving Day!
MaKenzie and her new cousin Lillie

He wanted to hold her so much, it was instant love.

Lillie on her birthday, 5lbs 2 oz, welcome to the world!

So my wonderful sister-in-law welcomed her beautiful baby girl into the world the week before Thanksgiving. She named her Lillie Elizabeth Ogden. She was 5 pounds 2 ounces. I was so blessed to be able to go to the hospital the night Angie had her. She had a C-section and was in an awful lot of pain, her husband had some errands to run, so I sat and held my new niece for a few hours. It was bliss. Everyone knows how desperately bad we have wanted another baby, pretty much for the past 6 years. We had been thinking about getting pregnant right before learning Makenzie was deaf. Once we had her diagnosis, we knew we had to put all of our energies, blood, sweat, and tears into getting her the services she needed to be able to learn how to speak and understand when being spoken too. After moving to Phoenix and getting her her cochlear implant and the intense services and schooling, she achieved her goal, so we moved back to Yuma excited and ready to expand our family. When we prayed about it though, the Spirit kept telling us the time was not right. I didn't want to listen to that voice, but I knew I had to. Soon after we put our dreams on hold again, we felt I should go back to school to pursue my Master's Degree in Deaf Education. So, I began the Master's program through the University of Arizona full-time, I began working full-time, and my life has been a whirl wind ever since. Heavenly father was preparing me to help take care of our little family during this tough time with Jeremy's health concerns. Had we had a baby, I don't know how we would have made it through this time. I keep praying that Jeremy will one day get better. That I will be able to have more kiddos. It breaks my heart to hear my children beg me to have another baby. I would give anything in the world to change this situation and to be able to have another one, but I have to think about the family I have and count my blessings everyday. I know so many people spend years trying to have children without success. I frequently remind myself of this. I really am more blessed than I can say, I have two beautiful children who keep me on my toes, who bring me my greatest joy in life and who sometimes drive me nuts. I live each day with a hope that our situation will improve and that more babies are in our future. I feel like there are still spirits up there waiting to come down, but I know it is not yet time. Wow, I don't think I have ever opened up about my constant ache to have another baby. I just want my children to read back in this blog book one day and know that I wanted more than anything to give them another brother or sister. If I ever have another child, I want them to read back on this and know how much they were loved and yearned for for years before they joined our family. OK, well I need to end this sob story, this was supposed to be a happy post to welcome our new cousin, so once again, WELCOME BABY LILLIE, WE LOVE YOU!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Jeremy Update

So I have questions all the time about how Jeremy is doing. I wish I had fantastic news and could say he is back to his old self, but he has a ways yet to go. He began having some break through seizures last month and they were not pretty. He messed up his face during one of them, i came home from school and was shocked to find him with the skin scraped off his nose, a lump on his head, and his lips looking like he was a Simpson's character. He didn't want to admit that his seizures had begun again because he had such high hopes that he was recovering and would one day in the near future feel like himself again and be able to work again. It was very hard to see him like that. We ended up going back up to the Mayo Clinic and having a long appointment with his doctor there. Since Jeremy had begun his medication Vimpat several months ago, his seizures had significantly decreased, but the side effect was that he was sea sick 24/7. He tried not to complain about the side effects because he said he would take being nauseous for the rest of his life over having another seizure any day. Aside from the fact that he was having break through seizures on the medication, the doctor didn't want him to feel the way he was feeling on a permanent basis, so he started him on a new medication. He is still working on getting up to the full dose of the medicine, there is just a 1 in 10 chance he will develop a possibly fatal rash called Steven Johnson's Syndrome, so while he is slowly increasing his dosage of the new medication over the 8 week period, he has to remain on the old medication as well, so he is a bit of a mess, I feel so bad for him. He is such a trooper through all of this, I can't imagine going through what he has gone through since last January, it has literally been a nightmare. We are all praying that his body and mind will heal and that he will get his life back. He wants to be able to work again and feel like himself. We have faith this will happen, it may just be a while yet. One thing he has done during this time is he has studied how to make bow, not the girly kind, but the bow and arrow kind, here is a picture of one of the ones he made.

Halloween 2010

This is the costume Makenzie had for the DHH performance, she was a cashier in the pumpkin patch. She had a blast, her mask had the fluorescent paint on it which glowed beautifully in the black lights.
Makenzie (AKA "Pink Belle Fairy")

Makenzie and Skyler's best friend Jordan. They always hang out in my classroom before school!

Pink Belle Fairy

I don't ever post pictures of my students, but this is my kindergarten group and I just love these kids, I want them to be in my blog book forever! This picture was taken way before Halloween, we were learning the various vocab words associated with Halloween and this picture came after discussing what a costume was. They loved picking costumes from my bag!

What a busy time of year, I can't wait for the holidays next year without all the mountains of college work to do. This Halloween we had a nice time. Kenzie joined the Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids for our annual black light performance at school. Our students at Desert Mesa acted out the story Six Small Pumpkins, the Jr. High DHH kids acted out Skeleton Hiccups, and hte High School DHH students danced to the song Ghost Busters. It was a huge hit, but a ton of work, especially for our amazing aid Yara, she worked for weeks on turning the stage into an amazing set for our three different acts.

In regards to costumes, Skyler didn't really dress up, he just wore a sports jersey and carried a football. I was super sad about this, I can't believe how much my little boy has grown up lately. He is such a nice young man. He will be 11 this summer. I can't even believe it. Kenzie was a a fairy, she wrote a book about her character and drew pictures of herself in it, her official name was, "Pink Belle Fairy." She looked so beautiful. I don't know how Jeremy and I have such gorgeous children. Kenzie enjoyed marching around the school in the character parade with the book she wrote. We went to the church trunk or treat and Kenzie scored big time in the candy department. Skyler hit a few cars and then just wanted to play with his friends and eat a few of his pieces of candy. He is not a crazy sugar fanatic like his sister. Kenzie ate way too much candy, but I hid the bucket in her closet and thought she had forgotten about it since she hadn't asked for any of her candy for over a week. One day she was being rotten to her brother, so I put her in her room for a while, long story short, she found that bucket of candy and she rather enjoyed her hour long time out!!!!! I was quite happy last week at the dentist to find out that she did not have nay cavities, I was quite worried. So that was our Halloween, nothing too special, but it was good. Oh one of our favorites was watching the Halloween specials on TV, not the scary ones, but the kid ones, we looked forward to Friday Family Movie nights all month long!

A Lot of Catching Up to Do...

I really don't even know where to begin, I am sure you can assume that since my last post was back in September that I have been running ragged around here. I wish I could remember all of the highlights, low lights. etc. from the past few months, but my brain seriously feels fried. I am wanting to print my blog into a book again and I couldn't slurp it into a book with my last posts being several months ago and simply being pictures of my classroom. The question is...where do I begin, this picture describes how I feel, I want to pull my hair out! This picture was obviously staged, but not for blogging purposes, it was actually for a regular past tense verb experience book I made with one of my students. This particular student took a picture of me to match the sentence in our experience book, "Miss Alison brushes her hair." Obviously that is a third person singular, not regular past tense, but we were working on her auditorily identifying the difference in the verb tense, as well as learning to produce the phrases orally. The other sentence was "____ brushed her hair." I took a picture of her with the brush in her hand and her nice and smooth. Wow I have gone off on a tangent, probably because it is a Friday, well technically a Saturday morning now since it is after midnight. I definitely tend to ramble when I am tired!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Dr. Seuss Themed Room, I Am Loving It!

So I have several fun themed bulletin boards that I didn't put in this post because I need to go to bed and it takes FOREVER to upload pictures. My front classroom door and yes I know it is missing an 's
One of my front classroom windows!

One of my hallway bulletin boards

My reading tree corner

My board that still needs pictures of my students with some of their special work to display.

Better Late Than Never

Makenzie eating breakfast in the cafeteria on her first day of school!
The three of us before heading out the door to school.

Skyler and MaKenzie Devey's first day of school 2010-2011 school year.

So we all started school the week of August 17th. The kids have great teachers this year and I get to work with my same great students plus a new little kinder. I chose to do a Dr. Seuss themed room this year with a ton of help from the best aide ever, Yarra! She is truly an artist and helped design my ideas!

Skyler is in the 5th grade this year, this is his last year in elementary school and it makes me so sad. I honestly can't believe how fast time has gone. His teacher this year is great. His name is Mr. Gilliland and he is a very hands on teacher. He trains service dogs, so his class usually has 3 dogs in it everyday, Skyler is in heaven!
Makenzie is in the second grade and her teacher is Ms. Maynard, she is a very good teacher. MaKenzie is thrilled because her best friend Kendalyn is in her class. She is so lucky to have such a patient and kind friend, it literally brings tears to my eyes when I see them playing together. I love that she has such a special friend. Their days are filled with talk about Fairies and magical lands and writing letters to each other and trading little toys, it is great!

Here is to another year, oh and I will graduate in less than a year from my Master's in Deaf Ed. program, YAY! It has been a lot of work magnified by about a million with Jeremy's crazy health this past year. Even with him being out of work and his health issues, we count our blessings everyday that I have a job, that we have a car to drive, and a roof over our head. We know as tough as things have been, they could always be worse.

More Pictures

More pictures from the wedding weekend~
Makenzie and her cousin Breille

Grandma Sharon with Kenz

Uncle Timmy dancing with Kenz. It was funny she said, we can dance Seth and Heather, but we can't be married or kiss like they do. Timmy agreed with her and told her to never say anything like that again, it was funny.

Skyler with Uncle Wayne,cousin Ethan, Aunt Michelle, and cousin Tessa

Wayne and Priscilla with their ten children, what an amazing family!

More Catch Up Photos

So here are some more pictures from our weekend in Phoenix for our nephew Seth and his wife Heather's wedding.

The boy cousins playing with their gameboys while waiting for the reception to begin.
One of my favorite pictures EVER, Kenzie kissing Grandpa Wayne's head.
The Bottoms and Arnold family! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Makenzie and Skyler outside the Mesa temple.
The kids with Granny, Eloise Thompson.

Very Late in Posting These

These were pictures taken from our nephew Seth Arnold's wedding which happened to be on our 11th anniversary. It was a great time! Oh and the date was June 12, 2010. It has been a great eleven years. We have gone through things together that eleven years ago we never would have believed could happen. It has been a great ride, I just hope the bumps in the path (sickness) is just about over. I have to say Jeremy's health is definitely improving, he still has rough times, but his seizures have significantly slowed down.

Some of the Devey Grandsons, what a bunch of handsome boys!
Some of the beautiful Devey grandaughters
Here is a little family snapshot
My beautiful little girl!
My handsome boys~

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Favorite Camping Picture

Most days there was a brief 20 minute rain shower, it was beautiful! This one particular day there was a gorgeous double rainbow!

Our Final Camping Day

So Sunday morning was the 4th of July, we woke up early and got the fire and grill going, we made a big breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, and grits. After eating and cleaning up, we had a morning side of sorts where Jeremy talked to the kids about what the 4th of July means and how very blessed we are to live in this free country. Then we loaded up water bottles and drove to the AZ trail, we hiked a small ways into it until we found the perfect spot for our outdoor church. We had an opening prayer and song, Jeremy blessed the sacrament for us, we had a short testimony meeting, then we had a closing song and prayer, it was so beautiful there. We rarely ever miss a Sunday of church, but this was as close as we could get to it up in the mountains, it was really a special time and a nice way to end our camping trip. We went back to camp, we all pitched in and got our camp cleaned up and our tents and all put away. A camp ranger drove past as the kids were doing one final hunt for any paper or trash, the ranger stopped and thanked us for leaving our campground so clean, she gave the kids each Smokey the Bear Frisbees, shoelaces, zipper pulls, and a few other little thinks, they were so excited! Then we said goodbye to Rock Crossing Campground and headed home. It was sad and exciting to leave. Sad because we were coming back to the "real world" with cell phone reception, Internet, homework, etc, but exciting because we were also coming back to showers, and soft beds. It was a week I will never forget and I hope our kids will remember all the special times we had. Hopefully we won't wait another 4 years before going on another family camp out, I think this should definitely be a yearly tradition.