Saturday, February 6, 2010

Christmas 2009

Jeremy sporting his new hunting clothes, not that he ever gets the chance to go hunting or anything.
Jeremy's 32nd b-day
Only in AZ
Kenzie ready to go to a day after Christmas swim party at Trevor and Hillary's house.

Kenzie wore her new black tights with a black sweater, I had to tell her she couldn't only wear tights, she was a little upset about that, but wanted me to take a picture of her anyway.
Christmas morning before the kids attacked their presents
Skyler and one of his Christmas presents
Well, it was a rough holiday season for me. On my first day of vacation, I woke up early, I exercised, got ready for the day by like 8am; I was ready to have a blast with the kids. As we were getting ready to leave the house I reached down to pick up my dog and something in my back SNAPPED, it was so painful, I lay on the floor for a while before I could crawl to my room. I had sprained my back, the 3 herniated disks I have in my back were enflamed again, it was awful. I was basically confined to bed for 3 weeks of vacation, I did go to the chiro almost everyday. It was rotten. I made it to the couch to watch the kids open their presents, but it was not a whole lot of fun. One positive thing was that I studied my sign language everyday. When I went to Tucson for orientation for my Spring semester of school, I attempted to take a ASL profieciency exam, I passed which means I won't have to spend 5 weeks in Phoenix or Tucson this summer taking the 4th semester of ASL. I am so incredibly happy about this! So being in bed for 3 weeks earned me 5 extra weeks this summer with my family. Lets see, what else happened over break???? Oh Jeremy turned 32, he has been having a lot of issues with his health, it has been horrible. We just want him to feel better. He is our life. I will go into more detail about him in my more current posts. I have a lot of catch up.

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