Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Baby is 7

This will probably be my last birthday picture where Kenzie doesn't care if her face is covered in ice cream.

Makenzie and her new Lava Lamp
Makenzie awaiting the second poke in her ear.

Ear Piercing
Birthday morning before school

MaKenzie turned 7 on Wednesday, she was so excited, she took cupcakes to school and also had ice cream since it was the 100 day of school celebration. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner which was one of the highlights of her day, she got to sit on the birthday saddle as they sang to her, she loved it. Her most favorite part of the day was when she and I went to the mall and got her ears pierced, she even got Cold Stone. She has asked me to get her ears pierced for the past 2 years, I always say no because I don't want her earrings to bother her CI or HA. Anyways, I finally gave in and she was ecstatic. She was so brave, she sat in the chair and told the lady that she was very nervous and that her heart was beating very fast, but that she was so excited to get earrings. Oh and she also said that the posters on the wall by the ear piercing chair had girls who were immodest on them, but they probably just didn't know better. After her ears were done she kept looking in the mirror and admiring them, then we got ice cream together and enjoyed the beautiful weather. She kept saying, "Mom, what if this is all a dream, what if I wake up and it is not my birthday and my ears are not pierced????" I kept assuring her that wouldn't happen, she is so silly. I tried really hard to make it a special day for her because we were all under so much stress with Jeremy's health, he has been having some pretty seriously seizures the past couple weeks and they are no longer "sleeping" seizures, they are when he is wide awake, he has had a few nasty falls because of this and we have had to go to the hospital, thank goodness he has not hurt himself seriously, just nasty concussions and goose eggs. So he was such a trooper to go out to dinner with us on her b-day night, I tried to talk him into us cancelling, but he did not want to do that, so he ate and had to rush to the bathroom to puke, it was so sad, he is just constantly so dizzy and his head hurts non-stop. I feel so bad for him. Hopefully when we go to the specialist in CA on Monday they can help him find a better medicine. SO last night kenzie had a little friend movie night, she had Kendalyn, Leah, and Brynn over for pizza and a movie last night, they had a blast. So, I hope this has somewhat captured our lives, I have been so busy the past few months that I have neglected our blog.


AudyCamp said...

I had a dream last night that I needed to check your blog...and now I know why. Oh Ali-you are my hero! I will pray for Jeremy...I know how much you love him and hope he can get the answers he needs from the specialist SOON! Happy 7th Bday to precious...and precocious:) little Kenzie! Hope your back is feeling great soon...I heard you are looking awesomely beautiful these days! Good luck with everything...Sending prayers your way!

Candice said...

Your daughter is adorable. I love her comment about being afraid it was all a dream. I'm so sorry that Jeremy's health is not improving. I hope the specialist is able to help.

Tina said...

Kenzie might not worry about ice cream on her face when she is eight. I don't think Riley will care that much yet.

I love your cute pictures. The time is passing by like crazy, isn't it?

How are things with Jeremy? Was the specialist able to help?

kristal said...

Seriously, that looks like Kam's DREAM birthday. My kids love the saddle at TRH and Kam LIVES for ice cream, and she's been beggin me to let her peirce her ears...and I've been beggin Jase to let her. ugh! She is freaking BEAUTIFUL Ali. SEriously, I wanna look like her. Hopefully Kam will have this good of a 7th in July.