Saturday, February 6, 2010

A visit to Nicky's and Misc. picts

Skyler at his Pinewood Derby
Kenzie fell asleep while reading in her bed, so cute!

Rigdon, Kenzie, Brielle,and Kinley
My beautiful sister Nicky
Mom's lovely hair style compliments of Makenzie

So at the end of Christmas break I had to head up for my Spring orientation at the University of Arizona. The plan was that mom was going to go with me and stay at the hotel and watch me on the parent panel I was asked to speak on. Well Kenzie had issues with her cochlear implant, everything was too loud and she didn't wan to wear it, she had recently been re-mapped and obviously needed some more adjusting. The only time available to see her was on the day I had to be in Tucson. Our audiologist is in Queen Creek which is also where my mom lives, so I ended up dropping Kenzie off with mom and heading up to Tucson by myself. The parent panel went good, but it is always very stressful to get up and tell my story to a lot of people who are very pro-ASL, I am too if a child does not have speaking ability, but we chose the oral method for Kenz and she is doing amazing because of it. So basically I was on the chopping block, but it went alright. Kenzie had her appointment and her internal volume was definitely too loud, so they reduced it, but now it is too quiet, urghh, I just want to be able to get it right. She will have another appointment next week, hopefully we can get her mapped right. While I was in dropping Kenzie off at Mom's I was able to stop by Nicky's house so Kenzie could see her cousins, they had a great time. Kenzie was a bit of a pill for Grandma, she had never been by herself with out Skyler or us at least. Grandma took good care of her, but Kenzie didn't want to play with her or do anything fun, she just colored by herself and cried at night, poor baby, that was really hard for me. My mom is a trooper.

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