Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Pictures

Pictures this year made me a little sad. I always buy one picture for the frame, even if they are not my favorite, but Skyler's picture this semester just looks so different from his previous picture. I can see the stress and sadness in his eyes. I decided to put this picture behind his old one because it just makes me sad to look at it. To anyone else it may seem fine, but I am not seeing the happy Skyler I am used to seeing. Hopefully as Jeremy gets better and when he is out of the fourth grade things will change. He and his teacher are constantly butting heads. He is also getting in trouble a lot at school for playing in the rocks and dirt. He did throw some rocks though one day, not at anyone or anything, just tossing them. I don't think it is that big deal, but since they told him he can't, he had to get punished. Let's see, we have had in school suspension and a week of shoveling rocks during recess because of it. Man, it isn't like he is saying bad words or bullying someone. He is just lonely on the playground and so he plays in the dirt. Sometimes it is a little hard working at the same school your kids go to because you pretty much have to grin and bear it. OK that is my vent session for the night. Sorry the scans kinda bite, but at least they are in there, oh and Jeremy scanned my pictures in too, I just look at it and laugh because I am posing the same way as my kids, and I look like a total dork!

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AudyCamp said...

haha...love your sideways picture...you're so cute.

Ok I was just talking tonight to tim about spencer...gosh there must just be something about the 4th grade!.We have been having issues at our house too..it's just not fair! Why can't they stay in the 2nd-3rd grade mentality forever! And poor little Skyler-I'm sure he is so stressed with jeremy's situation but you know what?.. he knows he is loved and is in a wonderful family. He will be okay.


He's still a handsome little devil.