Friday, April 2, 2010

Urrgghhhh the Beeping is Driving Me Insane!

Ahhhh, so I should definitely be asleep right now, but it is impossible for me right now. Jeremy and I stayed up till after 1:00 am, per the Dr.s orders. He did not have another seizure last night, but he sure didn't feel too well. Then before we went to sleep they hooked him up to a monitor to do a sleep study on him. Since about 1:30, this machine has been going off every 2 minutes or so, it isn't just a small beeping sound, it is like the beep of a alarm clock, and it last for 20 or more seconds most times it goes off, Jeremy is lucky that he can sleep through anything. I finally got up like 5 minutes ago and asked them if an electrode was off or something and they said that is the sound it makes when a patients heart rate goes down too low and they need oxygen. I was like, wow, OK, so does he need to get oxygen and they said technically yes, but since we are doing a sleep study we just have to monitor and record these numbers all night for the Dr. to see tomorrow, so I will be interested to hear what the Dr. says. I have been watching the numbers on the machine now and basically his heart rate goes down to about 76-78 bpm and then the oxygen level goes down in the 80's, then both numbers will climb back up to the 90's and a few minutes later the same thing happens. At first it was keeping me awake because it was such an annoying sound, now it is keeping me awake simply because it freaks me out. Anyways, it was the middle of the night/morning like 3:00am and I didn't want to wake up my mom to talk to her, so this was my other option, hopefully the beeping will stop soon. I sincerely hope you are all sleeping peacefully out there, in the time I have written this the beeping has probably gone off 10 separate times, I seriously don't know how Jeremy or any one in the rooms around us can sleep through this. OK, yay, after I asked a nurse about the beeping I decided to leave our door cracked, that way they could hear how deafening the beeping sound was, they just came in and switched machines and turned the beeping sound off, it will definitely still be monitoring and recording his numbers, but the beeping has stopped, yay! I don't think the nurses liked the loud constant sound from the machine either.

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