Saturday, April 3, 2010

What a Night

Jeremy settled back down for the night, diggin the new meds!

Mom. Nicky and I, Jeremy had the camera at an angle in the bed, so this pict is hillarious! It looks like mom's the tallest and I am the shortest, very strange...

My crazy buff sister! She is running marathons now, can you tell I am proud of her?

Jack, baby Chloee, and my little MaKenzie girl. She had so much fun with her cousins!

So I am doing another middle of the night post right now. It is 2:19am and we are settling back down for the night. I will give the highlights from day 4. Today I had to leave the hospital for a few hours to go pick up MaKenzie from Aunt Brigette's, she was such a good girl while she was there. She woke up, dressed herself, brushed her teeth, put her toupee tape and implant on by herself every morning. At night she would take it all off, put her batteries on the charger and read her chapter book until she fell asleep. Oh, one funny thing, she is reading Junie B. Jones books lately. The other day in the car on our way here, she says, "Mom, Junie B. Jones has very bad grammar." It cracked me up, I was hesitant to let her read Junie B. books for that very reason, since we busted our butts for four over five years helping her learn how to talk and use good grammar. Anyways, so Kenz had fun. Her little cousin Jack told his mom he was going to throw a toy at me because I came to take Kenzie away today, it was pretty funny. After picking up Kenz we went and got her some lunch, then I drove to ASU to drop her off with her Aunt Melissa who was driving back to Yuma today. On the way over we were talking about various aspects of college, dorm life, etc. So while we were waiting for Aunt Melissa to come get her from the parking lot, she said, "So since I am going to hang out with Melissa for a couple hours mom, does that mean it is kinda like I am in college now?" Another laughing moment, but also a little scary, I don't know if my over-tiredness and built up emotions got the best of me or what, but after driving away and leaving there behind, I bawled like a baby, I just kept thinking that one day I really will be dropping her off and driving away when she starts college. It was so nice getting a couple hours with her before going back to the hospital, but I was ready to be back with Jeremy, I was so worried about him while I was gone. He did fine though, he slept the whole time. Later in the afternoon my mom and sister Nicky came for a little visit, it was nice seeing them. After they left Jeremy and I watched "Mall Cop." The sleep study doctors came in to start him on another machine for his sleep study since he rarely gets enough oxygen when he sleeps. I finally drifted off to sleep around midnight. I knew I needed to get some because Jeremy was experiencing the Aura and we knew it might be a long night. So about 12:45 I heard the awful sound he makes when he starts having a seizure and as I jumped up the alarms were already going crazy in this wing of the hospital, he was having a very bad seizure. Last night he had a mild seizure, but this one was the kind we are used to at home. All I can say is that whole locking him in bed with the belt kept him from going over the guard rails of the bed. I had to jump back as the team of nurses and technicians gathered around his bed, trying to restrain him from hurting himself, one was trying to suction him during it. After it ended they did his blood pressure, asked a million questions, had him read a sentence, do a simple math calculation, and several other things. Most of which he couldn't do for a while until his brain stopped throbbing and he was able to focus. His blood pressure was 200/100, right after the seizure. I may have mixed the top and bottom number up, but he it is headed for 3 am, there will be a million typos in this post. So once they got their information, they covered him up and left the room. He told me he was feeling the aura again and was pretty sure another one would come before too long. He had barely said that when everything started tightening up and then BOOM, he was having another Gran Mal seizure, the alarm went off, it is so loud, it goes off on the whole floor so that all available nurses can run straight to the flashing room. They came in and did the same things as before, he was definitely unable to answer most of the questions after the seizure ended, but he could read and tell them where he was at. The nurses said he needed the medicine Adavan (I know I spelled that wrong) because he had just had two very severe seizures in a row, and that his body and brain couldn't take anymore tonight. I was so happy to hear they would give him med. to stop his seizures, usually at home he will have 5 or so in a row and it really messes him up for a while. SO when the doctors went to put the medicine in his IV they saw how bad his IV was, it was swollen, covered in blood, so they had to stick him a couple more times to get him another IV, then they were able to give him his medicine. I was a little embarrassed because when they went to take out the bad IV I held his hand and watched them clean and clean and clean it. Before they had finished all the way I had to go sit down and do some breathing to keep from passing out, or throwing up. I can't believe I got like that, that was a first for me, that arm looked really bad though, I guess when he was seizing so hard it just foced that tube and blood out and made his arm get all swollen. Anyways, just talking about it makes me feel nausious again. Now he is comfortably watching TV and all is well for tonight, so I am going to log off and try and get some sleep. Thanks for the prayers and support.


Me7 said...

can Jeremy please take all our pictures. I like looking taller than I am! And sorry to say, I have never ran a marathon or even a half. Those are for crazy people. Glad your prayers were answered!

alison said...

Nicky you run like 14 miles straight, isnt that the equiv. of a half marathon. What about London's run, the Ragnar run, Two sister's One Heart run, you are an insane runner now. In my book anyone who can run over ten miles a day just for fun, is a crazy cool person!

Stephanie said...

Lol! I feel the same way about Junie B jones!