Saturday, May 1, 2010

Catching Up to Do

Jeremy and Kenzie walking outside the mayo clinic, the day he is released.
Jeremy, with Skyler, and Makenzie waiting to go home.
Skyler post-op, he was sure silly after waking up!
Skyler at PCH the morning of his surgery
Skyler and Grandma waiting in the Mayo Clinic lobby

Wow, I have been so incredibly busy these past several weeks that once again I have neglected my blog. I had nothing but time when we were at Mayo, but then once I came home, real life kicked in again and it was non-stop college work, writing IEPs for my students, and taking care of the family again. I thought I would post a few final pictures from the time we were at Mayo and also from Skyler's minor surgery a few weeks ago. Oh and just as an update, Makenzie's hearing in her left ear did come back after steroid treatments. Some say, "well that ear still has a severe/profound hearing loss, what is so great about getting that hearing back?" Makenzie uses what she gets with her hearing aid incredibly well. We were so happy when she was able to hear out of that ear with her hearing aid on again! Jeremy was able to come home I believe it was like 12 days after being admitted to Mayo, we still do not have any definite answers as to why he is having all these seizures. He is doing a lot better though since changing medications. He is no longer on Dilantin and is only using Vimpat. It is a super expensive med. but at least it is helping. He had several days with no seizures, but had them again this past Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It is so frusterating. He wants to be able to go back to work so bad, it has been so hard on him not being able to work and provide for us, the Lord has taken care of us though. He knew what would happen in our lives long before we did. He was preparing me to be able to help get us through this time in our lives. It is still rough, but we still have a roof over our head, food in our fridge, and gas in our car. I know without a doubt the only way we have been able to make it financially during these several months is by paying our tithing. We pay it with faith in our hearts knowing that it is the most important thing we can do and somehow we are able to stretch till the next paycheck. I am so grateful for the blessing of tithing. Also a HUGE accomplishment is that we have not used our credit card at all. We worked so hard to pay that off last year, vowing never to use it again unless it is an emergency, I think our situation would be classified as one big emergency after another, but the Lord has helped us through. I am so grateful for our family who have been so kind and helpful during these months, watching the kids for us during appointments/ hospital stays, having us over for Sunday dinner, and most of all praying for us to get through this trial. Thanks, we love you guys!


Miken Harding said...

You are amazing Ali, I love how strong you are and have the best attitude. You are just what your family needs and the Lord has blesed you beyond measure to sustain you. Let me know if I can do anything, we are back at my parents house. Come to our party May 8th at 5pm. I'd love to see your kids, free dinner:) Call if you need anything, let's catch up.

AudyCamp said...

whoa...this song brings back memories. Glad Jeremy's seizures are a little better...Hopefully there will be more answers given to you soon. Love ya!

Kimmy said...

After all that and still no answers? Oh Allison- I'm so sorry! How frustrating! I'm so glad to hear that Kenzie has got some of her hearing back though! And that Skylers surgery went well. Geez- can life ease up on you guys yet? Hang in there!