Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ouch, I can't see you mom

Getting ready to go for a swim in her fake water
Check out my grass skirt mom
Nothing says fun like surfin on a stool
A very small corner of my beach scene in my room!

So I had a super fun Luau at school on Friday with my deaf and hard of hearing kindergarten class. We had so much fun making smoothies adn putting them in our pineapple shaped water bottles, surfing on our surfboards that we painted during the week, putting sunscreen on our skin so we wouldn't get sunburns, and doing the Hula of course. One of my aids helped put up the decorations that I bought to turn our room into a Hawaiian getaway. I had grasss skirts and leis for my kiddos, it was a lot of fun. After school Kenzie came to my room and wanted to pretend like she was going to the beach too, so I took a few picts of her. Then she came home from school and made her own paper grass skirt, and paper surfboard and then she made me come to her room for her Luau, it was cute. I wish I could post pictures of me and my students on here, but I am not sure if I am allowed to do that. Anyways, it was a great way to wrap up our beach vocabulary unit!


Beverley said...

I bet you are the best teacher, looks like so much fun. Your Kids are adorable, I wish the best for your family, you are always in my prayers, see ya in two weeks. luv Aunt Beve

Kimmy said...

What a fun teacher! That little corner of your room looks awesome, and your activities sound like a blast!
How cute is Kenzie surfing on that stool!