Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Baby is TEN!

Skyler on his blessing day with mom and dad
Skyler enjoying his bath
Skyler age 4
Skyler with a couple lizards he caught
Skyler age 7 with his sister MaKenzie
Skyler with his dad on his baptism day
Skyler the morning of his 10th b-day
Skyler waiting for his friends to come Slip N Slide on his 10th b-day
Skyler with the cake his dad made for his birthday
Last night Skyler wanted me to hold him like a baby and sing to him like I did when he was a baby. So I cradled his long body in my arms and rocked him and sang him a song. It was all rather silly, because he was acting goofy and wanted me to drop him when I sang the line, "down will come baby cradle and all." Anyways, as I rocked my giggling son, I could remember the countless nights of rocking him to sleep when he was so small. How I long for those days at times. I would miss the stages they are at now if I were to go back and re-live those days, but oh how I miss being able to keep them with me 24/7 and know they are safe from the craziness and hurt that is out there in the world. It is amazing to see them grow each day, but at the same time it is very bitter-sweet. Last night he made me laugh when he said, "Mom, this is my last night as a kid, now I am going to be considered to be a tween." I was not too familiar with that term, he told me it is when a kid is age 10-12???? So now I am the mother to a tween, kinda weird.

Skyler you're such an amazing son, you have such a great outlook on life. I have seriously never met a boy with such a great heart. I know I complain sometimes about your love of animals and bugs, but I know that is a special attribute you have from our Heavenly Father, thank you for always being willing to remove any beetle or spider that may want to take up residence in our house. I am going to tell you about a few of the things I absolutely love about you.

~I love how you always tug on my arm or whisper in my ear and point out babies at church. You will make a great Daddy one day, and hopefully we will be able to have another baby in our home one of these days. I know you will be a big help and that the baby would really look up to you.

~I love how you still like for me to tuck you in and lay with you at night. I know sometimes I seem impatient as I am trying to get things done and you keep asking for me to come BACK to your room to bring you water, give you a hug, hear something funny, turn on/off the fan and our lights, or just to talk, but I honestly wouldn't' trade any of those special moments for anything. I hope you will always want me to come and have those special times together.

~I love how you keep us on our toes. If there is even one semi-bad word in a movie, you are first to tell us we need to turn the channel. I know I don't always say so, but that makes me so proud of you. I hope you will always stay that way and watch only shows that you know are appropriate. The world is full of bad things, you can't even watch the commercials on TV without being bombarded with worldly and inappropriate things. Skyler you are such a good example to us.

~I love that even though she drives you practically insane, you forgive Kenzie every time she gets into your things, calls you names, invades your space, or takes a whack at you. I know it is hard for you, sometimes more than others, but you always forgive and move on, thank you. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the two of you playing together and having fun!

~I love that you do your wacky crazy dance to make me laugh, you know, the one involving Egyptians, scissor hands, and wobbly hips. You are such a nut!

~I love that you still like to be tickled!

~I love that you are always reorganizing the Star Wars shelves.

~I love looking for the hidden pictures in Highlights magazines with you.

~I love that you ask me to recap all the Ghost Whisperer episodes to you since I don't let you watch them.

~I love your laugh, your smile, I just LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU BUD!
Happy Birthday Skyler, I hope you had an amazing day! Thanks for being a great son!