Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camping Day #2...

We woke up at 6am and got the fire going and breakfast ready, it was so nice to be chilly, that NEVER happens during the summers here in Yuma. After we got cleaned up, the kids played with a couple kids that came to visit our campsite, Kasey and Trey. Jeremy and I read and talked about what we would do that day. We ended up driving down to Winslow so the kids could jump off the big rocks into the reservoir there. THEY LOVED IT! The water was freezing, but it felt so good. Jeremy jumped off the small cliff with the kids. I wasn't planning on jumping in since it was only our second day of camping and we didn't have showers at our camp or there at the reservoir. I just didn't want to be gross already. My kids told me that I was probably just afraid to jump that far and that I was just using the whole "I don't want to get my hair wet" as an excuse, so needless to say, I had to run and jump off that cliff to show my kids I am not that big of a chicken (if they only knew). We played there and then went back to town, we ended up grabbing lunch at McDonalds and then driving around and finding my friend Natalie's restaurant. I ran in and got a root beer for Jeremy there and we took a picture to prove that we were really there so my friend would believe me. Then we went and filled up our cooler with ice and food at Walmart and then we drove back up to camp where the kids played and played until dinner. Oh and we decided to do some type of scavenger hunt for them each morning before leaving the camp. The prize was always something cheap from the dollar store. Most days we just made arrows out of sticks that lead them to their prize in the woods, but the first day, I made a scavenger hunt with stupid clues. The kids would take turns reading and finding the clues. They LOVED it. Here are the silly clues I came up with...

#1-"The tent is not the place for these guys who are blue and black with tiny eyes. To see where your next clue will be, hurry off to the beetle tree."

#2-"The sun above can bring us great thirst, where should you go when you need water the worst? To find the place your clue will be, it's on the water spout near the place you go pee." (I know kinda gross, but it rhymed)

#3-"Clue number 3 you will find, under a plate with rules you must mind."(We wrote our camp rules on a paper plate)

#4-"You're almost there just a few clues more, your next clue you'll find behind door number 4." (car door)

#5-"The next clue is not very far, it is under a rock near the car."

#6-"Almost there, I hope you're not bored you'll find this clue where the wood is stored."

#7-"Here's the moment, your prize will be nice, for food not to rot you must use ice!" (ice chest)

They were so excited to find their little dollar store bug cages, those were two very well spent dollars, they played with those the entire trip!
After dinner the second night we played a few rounds of UNO and then had a little devotional again, this time it was about being a good example to those around us, and choosing the right even if it is not "the cool thing to do." Oh and after the first night on the hard ground, my back was killing me, so Jeremy blew up a little pool air matress for me to sleep on, it helped, but I was up half the night because every little move I made it would make the loudest farting sounds. People were probably so grossed out, it really was so loud. Oh and I was in charge of the ghost story that night. The kids said they wanted the scariest story EVER, so I did my best. Halfway through the story this is what they say,
Kenzie- "Mom, I think your story may be a little too scary!"
Skyler- "Yeah mom, can you tone the scariness down a notch or two."
I wasn't scared a bit until the middle of the night when I had to go to the bathroom again by myself. I had a flashlight that time, but then I was even more nervous than the night before because if there were skunks or other animals in my path I would actually see them. Day number two was a TON of fun~!


AudyCamp said...

ok that comment from skyler is SO something spencer would say..funny. i'm glad you at least had a flashlight this time to go potty! :)

Miken Harding said...

Boston loved the bugs! Looks like a blast. I can't wait to do that with the girls. Jeremy looks great! I'm glad everything is going better. I love you and we are planning a pink ladies reunion in October. Let me know what weekend works for you.