Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camping Day #3

Ugg I wish I would have just done all the camping posts at once, I feel so old because I can hardly remember what we did on which day now. Oh well, I will just have to give it my best shot. On day three we woke up ate breakfast and did our morning scavenger hunt, the kids LOVED following the trails or the clues we provided them to help lead them to their prize. We played a couple games of UNO after cleaning up, then we headed out hoping to join the Polar Bear club by jumping in the Blue Ridge Reservoir, unfortunately it was quite a STEEP hike down from the parking lot to the water and we were just not going to risk it with the dog and kids, so we ended up taking a scenic drive to Long Lake, we had never been there before, but we drove and drove and finally got there, it was pretty from a distance, but the water was all cloudy and it was muddy and mucky, so we ended up leaving shortly after arriving, Kenzie managed to step in a big wet pile of cow poop right before we got to the car, so that was an adventure in it's stinky self. We ended up going to a small area of Clear Creek up in the mountains, it was absolutely beautiful. I almost cried sitting there watching the Jeremy and the kids catch crawdads, there was a cool breeze down in the canyon and it was just so peaceful. We caught a million crawdad, actually I think the number was 32. The kids were so excited to eat them, I was a little leery, but Jeremy made me promise to just taste them. On the way back to camp, we made a pit stop at Clint's Well gas station and got ice for the cooler and ice cream for the kids, then back to camp we went. We cooked and ate the crawdads, they were actually pretty good, you don't get more than a bite, but Jeremy wanted us just to practice catching and cooking what we caught in case we ever had to live off the land (hopefully that day never comes, but who knows). The kids enjoyed free time to just play in their "tree houses" and catch bugs while we got dinner going. After dinner we had a devotional again and talked to the kids about how important they are to us. Then we played UNO and Phase 10 made smores, and then got ready for bed. It was Jeremy's turn to tell the Ghost story that night, he told one about Vampires, it was actually quite good, there was no Cullen family involved, but it was pretty spooky. The kids loved it and fell asleep super fast. It was a great day. As I am typing this, I am really missing the beautiful mountains. It is super hot and humid here in Yuma today.

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