Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camping Day #4

Well, the kids woke up asking to go back to the gorgeous Clear Creek Canyon. We needed to go get an oil change first and we wanted to go to check out the Arts and Crafts fairs in the small towns of Pine and Strawberry, so we made a fun day of it. We ended up going to Payson to get an oil change, there just so happened to be a big parking lot festival right next to the Jiffy Lube. The kids just hung out and jumped in the big jumping castle/slide things, we bought kettle corn and just walked around, it was so nice, I LOVE small towns. After our car was done, we went back to the campground and fed the kids and then headed to Clear Creek Canyon, we walked down it a bit and found a deeper section, it was like ice water, but everyone jumped in anyways. Skyler immediately caught a water snake snake, UGGGHHHH, I didn't want to get in the water after that. I did break down and end up holding both of the snakes he caught while everyone else swam and played in the water. Skyler made a couple of friends and showed them how to catch crawdads, they followed us everywhere. I never saw their parents the whole couple hours we were in our secluded area, but we saw them after we hiked back up to the parking lot(scary). Skyler let several people hold his snakes before he released them back into the water, then he helped a couple little kids catch crawdads, they had fishing poles, but he would just reach in the water and grab them with his bare hands, what a cool kid! He had a net he had initially used to catch the crawdads, but he wanted to give it to the two friends he made because they didn't want to touch the crawdads with their bare hands. I was proud of him for being so nice. Kenzie had a great time holding the snakes too. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs at the camp on Saturday night. We had our first and only incident before dinner when Kenzie fell out of a tree and landed hard on her leg, she scraped it up pretty good as you can see from the pictures. The picture where Skyler is hugging her from behind made me laugh because she was crying so hard when he hugged her, I wanted a picture of it and she made herself smile for the camera. After dinner was ready, Kenzie just wanted me to go in the tent with her and play UNO, so I did, her leg was stinging so bad. She finally said, maybe I need to say another prayer, she did, she prayed that her leg would quit hurting so bad and that she could quit thinking about it so she would be able to beat me at UNO(nice). A few minutes into our game she said, "Mom, it isn't hurting so bad anymore, wow, can't you just feel how much Heavenly Father loves us, he made my pain go away, we are so lucky to be loved so much." I can still hear her little voice saying that, it was one of those moments that makes you so happy; to know that her testimony is growing and that she can feel her Heavenly Father's love. That love, along with ours of course, will get her through anything this world throws at her. Anyways, Jeremy wasn't feeling well after dinner, his head was killing him, so he went to bed early. The kids and I played card games, and sat by the fire. I told them their ghost story that night by the campfire instead of in the tent so Jeremy could get some sleep. The campground got very full that night with it being the day before the 4th of July. It was a very fun day and night. Once we went to bed we all slept like rocks.

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