Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Makenzie eating breakfast in the cafeteria on her first day of school!
The three of us before heading out the door to school.

Skyler and MaKenzie Devey's first day of school 2010-2011 school year.

So we all started school the week of August 17th. The kids have great teachers this year and I get to work with my same great students plus a new little kinder. I chose to do a Dr. Seuss themed room this year with a ton of help from the best aide ever, Yarra! She is truly an artist and helped design my ideas!

Skyler is in the 5th grade this year, this is his last year in elementary school and it makes me so sad. I honestly can't believe how fast time has gone. His teacher this year is great. His name is Mr. Gilliland and he is a very hands on teacher. He trains service dogs, so his class usually has 3 dogs in it everyday, Skyler is in heaven!
Makenzie is in the second grade and her teacher is Ms. Maynard, she is a very good teacher. MaKenzie is thrilled because her best friend Kendalyn is in her class. She is so lucky to have such a patient and kind friend, it literally brings tears to my eyes when I see them playing together. I love that she has such a special friend. Their days are filled with talk about Fairies and magical lands and writing letters to each other and trading little toys, it is great!

Here is to another year, oh and I will graduate in less than a year from my Master's in Deaf Ed. program, YAY! It has been a lot of work magnified by about a million with Jeremy's crazy health this past year. Even with him being out of work and his health issues, we count our blessings everyday that I have a job, that we have a car to drive, and a roof over our head. We know as tough as things have been, they could always be worse.


Miken Harding said...

Wow...they are so grown up!!! We want to do a reunion in October, just a heads up! I'll send an email out soon. Miss you. Congrats on your masters-that's so awesome! Glad everyone is doing better. You all look great!

Kimmy said...

WOOHOO on the countdown to your Masters! That is seriously amazing!
Cute pics of the 1st day!