Friday, December 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

This is the costume Makenzie had for the DHH performance, she was a cashier in the pumpkin patch. She had a blast, her mask had the fluorescent paint on it which glowed beautifully in the black lights.
Makenzie (AKA "Pink Belle Fairy")

Makenzie and Skyler's best friend Jordan. They always hang out in my classroom before school!

Pink Belle Fairy

I don't ever post pictures of my students, but this is my kindergarten group and I just love these kids, I want them to be in my blog book forever! This picture was taken way before Halloween, we were learning the various vocab words associated with Halloween and this picture came after discussing what a costume was. They loved picking costumes from my bag!

What a busy time of year, I can't wait for the holidays next year without all the mountains of college work to do. This Halloween we had a nice time. Kenzie joined the Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids for our annual black light performance at school. Our students at Desert Mesa acted out the story Six Small Pumpkins, the Jr. High DHH kids acted out Skeleton Hiccups, and hte High School DHH students danced to the song Ghost Busters. It was a huge hit, but a ton of work, especially for our amazing aid Yara, she worked for weeks on turning the stage into an amazing set for our three different acts.

In regards to costumes, Skyler didn't really dress up, he just wore a sports jersey and carried a football. I was super sad about this, I can't believe how much my little boy has grown up lately. He is such a nice young man. He will be 11 this summer. I can't even believe it. Kenzie was a a fairy, she wrote a book about her character and drew pictures of herself in it, her official name was, "Pink Belle Fairy." She looked so beautiful. I don't know how Jeremy and I have such gorgeous children. Kenzie enjoyed marching around the school in the character parade with the book she wrote. We went to the church trunk or treat and Kenzie scored big time in the candy department. Skyler hit a few cars and then just wanted to play with his friends and eat a few of his pieces of candy. He is not a crazy sugar fanatic like his sister. Kenzie ate way too much candy, but I hid the bucket in her closet and thought she had forgotten about it since she hadn't asked for any of her candy for over a week. One day she was being rotten to her brother, so I put her in her room for a while, long story short, she found that bucket of candy and she rather enjoyed her hour long time out!!!!! I was quite happy last week at the dentist to find out that she did not have nay cavities, I was quite worried. So that was our Halloween, nothing too special, but it was good. Oh one of our favorites was watching the Halloween specials on TV, not the scary ones, but the kid ones, we looked forward to Friday Family Movie nights all month long!

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