Friday, December 3, 2010

Jeremy Update

So I have questions all the time about how Jeremy is doing. I wish I had fantastic news and could say he is back to his old self, but he has a ways yet to go. He began having some break through seizures last month and they were not pretty. He messed up his face during one of them, i came home from school and was shocked to find him with the skin scraped off his nose, a lump on his head, and his lips looking like he was a Simpson's character. He didn't want to admit that his seizures had begun again because he had such high hopes that he was recovering and would one day in the near future feel like himself again and be able to work again. It was very hard to see him like that. We ended up going back up to the Mayo Clinic and having a long appointment with his doctor there. Since Jeremy had begun his medication Vimpat several months ago, his seizures had significantly decreased, but the side effect was that he was sea sick 24/7. He tried not to complain about the side effects because he said he would take being nauseous for the rest of his life over having another seizure any day. Aside from the fact that he was having break through seizures on the medication, the doctor didn't want him to feel the way he was feeling on a permanent basis, so he started him on a new medication. He is still working on getting up to the full dose of the medicine, there is just a 1 in 10 chance he will develop a possibly fatal rash called Steven Johnson's Syndrome, so while he is slowly increasing his dosage of the new medication over the 8 week period, he has to remain on the old medication as well, so he is a bit of a mess, I feel so bad for him. He is such a trooper through all of this, I can't imagine going through what he has gone through since last January, it has literally been a nightmare. We are all praying that his body and mind will heal and that he will get his life back. He wants to be able to work again and feel like himself. We have faith this will happen, it may just be a while yet. One thing he has done during this time is he has studied how to make bow, not the girly kind, but the bow and arrow kind, here is a picture of one of the ones he made.

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mrs t said...

I like the bow. Like Nephi when he broke his bow of steel and made a new one of wood. Yours is what I imagine Nephi's to look like. Now you just need to get better so you can go slay some beasts with it. We'll be down in a week or so and would love to stop by if Jeremy is feeling up to it. Merry Christmas and all our love.
Chad and family