Saturday, December 4, 2010


Here are a few random pictures from the past couple months. I posted a ton below, so I just lumped these pictures together without the accompanying novel. This is a clay manger scene that Makenzie made today, when I took the picture Makenzie said, "wait, wait, I will be the angel, because I don't have enough clay to make it!"Skyler overtaking my teacher desk, I love my boy!
MaKenzie's 2nd grade Johnny Appleseed performance

Skyler in the Veteran's Day parade

A quick visit from sweet grandma Sharon!

MaKenzie and cousin Brynn taking off!
My little monkey~


AudyCamp said...

Good to catch up on you guys...! ) Don't feel bad I am two months behind & don't have the busy schedule that you do!
I'm glad Jeremy's seizures have decreased a bit with his meds & pray all the time-really I do- that you will receive answers soon. I hate the no answer part of life. I guess that's where we have to TOTALLY rely on faith-but that's so hard.
Your kiddos are cute as can be & I swear that our boys are the same & our girls are the same-so weird.

Take care you!

Miken Harding said...

I second everything Audra said! Love how Mckinze wanted to be the angel...that's so fun! You are so blessed, your familiy is beautiful and Jeremy is so lucky to have you as his eternal companion. Keep on keeping on! You are awesome. The Lord knows we can handle it and when we can't we can turn to him! Love ya!