Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kenzie's Birthday and Baptism

Makenzie and Granny after her baptism.
Makenzie, Kendalyn, and Emily Makenzie and her best friend in the whole world, Kendalyn!
Makenzie and Daddy getting ready for her baptism~
Mom, Dad, and Kenzie right before her baptism~

Grandpa and Grandma Devey and Kenzie on her special day.
Our beautiful girl~
Kenzie and her daddy~
Jeremy(33), Alison((32), Skyler(10), and MaKenzie(8)
Mom, Dad, and Kenzie
Grandma Sharon and MaKenzie on her big day!
Pretty girl~
So this was Makenzie's most anticipated birthday ever because she knew it meant she can finally get baptized! For her birthday, she brought muffins to school for her classmates. She also got to pick where she wanted to go for dinner. She chose Golden Corral. She was so funny, she called it a "food paradise." She didn't eat much though for being so excited about it! The following day her Grandma drove to Yuma for a visit, Kenzie had a birthday party with her friends. Samantha, Brynn, Remi, Emily, Meagan, and Riley, came over in their pajamas and ate pizza, played Gestures, and a getting to know you game. They then ate popcorn and watched the Tinkerbell movie. Then of course we had cake and ice cream to top off the night before the girls parents picked them up. She was super excited and had a great time. Her only bummer of the day was her very best friend Kendalyn couldn't come because she was very sick. So after her friends went home, we took Kendalyn and her sisters a goodie bags, and a cake. Her birthday was February 3rd, her "Child of Record" baptism was today, February 19th, 2011. Her mom and uncle Sam came down for the day. Aunt Brigette came with her two children. She had several friends and families at the church to witness her special day. She was so excited to be baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. It was a beautiful day, it started out very rainy and yucky, but by the time her baptism rolled around, the sun had come out, and it was a gorgeous day. After her baptism, we had donut holes and brownies outside and then we went to Grandma Devey's house for an amazing dinner, they smoked a turkey, pork loin, and a brisket, yum-os! What a great day it has been. The only downfall was her poor brother was so very sick, he had a 104 degree fever and was miserable. Right after the baptism, he went home to rest and we brought a plate home for him and Jeremy from the dinner. Poor little buddy, Jeremy just got over a three day sickness himself!

Utah Trip for Cousin Reagan's Baptism

Grandma and Grandpa with Reagan on her baptism day~
Jeremy, Wayne, Dru, Wayne, Priscilla, and Timmy

Timmy with his girlfriend Katie and Kenzie, Reagan, Tessa, and Skyler.

Skyler and his cousin Johnny, I want another picture in this exact spot in 9 years when these boys go on their missions.
Grandma with Kenzie and Reagan, aww, I love this picture!

Reagan, Tessa, and MaKenzie
Just a random picture showing the non-stop busy cooking.
Jeremy on our birthday date he is now 33 years old.
Me freezing to death by Jeremy's little snowman he made!

"Why, it's nice to meet you my little friend!"
Skyler and cousin Johnny freezing in the snow.
John chucking Skyler in a snow bank.
Wayne chucking a snow ball at Dru! Cousin Ethan and Makenzie
We traveled to Utah for a few days during Christmas break. We had a fabulous time, visiting with our family, playing in the snow, going to Reagan's baptism, eating way too much, celebrating New Years Eve, and Jeremy and I even went on a date! It was so much fun, I forgot how cold playing in the snow was and was quite happy to be able to come back to the warm desert. Kenzie got really sick on New Year's Day, so we cut our trip a little short to come home. My kids will never forget how much fun they had playing with their cousins and they will definitely dress warmer next time we drive to the snow!

Christmas 2010, Better Late Than Never

Skyler with his bow made by his dad!

Skyler and Kenz at the Christmas Village

Fun at the Christmas Village

Kenzie and Brynn with the dolls they got for Christmas.

SKyler and Kenzie Christmas morning 2010

Kenzie during Christmas break in Phoenix for audiology appt.

Uncle Billy and Brynn ice skating at the Christmas Village.

Some of the yummy goodies I made to deliver to friends.

Kenzie at the Christmas Village.

Skyler Christmas morning listening to my old CDs.

So, Christmas this year was a beautiful time for us. We were able to go up to Phoenix and see the gorgeous temple lights. We had Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grandma Devey's, we had a Christmas story reading by Uncle Tommy. They wanted each family to do a skit or song or poem for a talent. We did a little song as a family for our "talent." I also read a poem I wrote a couple years back about what I would say to Mary if I had five minutes to talk with her about what is was like raising the son of God. After much laughter, a few tears, and way too much delicious food, we headed back to our home to get nestled in our beds. The kids each opened one gift as is our tradition on Christmas Eve. We were so blessed this Christmas, we don't go around telling the world how difficult it is trying to live on my salary alone, but obviously they know. We had a knock and run and on our door step was a huge basket full of goodies, and all of the trimmings for a delicious Christmas dinner. We also had a delivery from a secret Santa who left a few presents for each of our family, it was so kind of whoever did it. We shed a few tears due to the love we felt from our ward family as well as the love we felt from being watched over by our Father in Heaven. It was a wonderful Christmas, Kenzie received her second choice gift from Santa which was a makeup set she saw at Walmart. Her first choice was a magic wand that really produced magic. :) Christmas day we ate a big breakfast before opening our presents. The kids enjoyed opening their gifts and actually protested a bit when we said it was time to leave to go to Grandma's for dinner. There was no arguing or fighting from the kids at all that day and it was absolutely Heavenly. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends, but even more importantly, we are blessed to have the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We know that he was not just a good man born on this earth, he is God's only begotten son. He came to earth to show us all the right way to live, he performed countless miracles, he died for us so that we would have the opportunity to live again with our Father in Heaven. He is our Savior and friend and I feel so grateful to know that, without a shadow of a doubt. What a special day to celebrate his birth.