Saturday, February 19, 2011

Utah Trip for Cousin Reagan's Baptism

Grandma and Grandpa with Reagan on her baptism day~
Jeremy, Wayne, Dru, Wayne, Priscilla, and Timmy

Timmy with his girlfriend Katie and Kenzie, Reagan, Tessa, and Skyler.

Skyler and his cousin Johnny, I want another picture in this exact spot in 9 years when these boys go on their missions.
Grandma with Kenzie and Reagan, aww, I love this picture!

Reagan, Tessa, and MaKenzie
Just a random picture showing the non-stop busy cooking.
Jeremy on our birthday date he is now 33 years old.
Me freezing to death by Jeremy's little snowman he made!

"Why, it's nice to meet you my little friend!"
Skyler and cousin Johnny freezing in the snow.
John chucking Skyler in a snow bank.
Wayne chucking a snow ball at Dru! Cousin Ethan and Makenzie
We traveled to Utah for a few days during Christmas break. We had a fabulous time, visiting with our family, playing in the snow, going to Reagan's baptism, eating way too much, celebrating New Years Eve, and Jeremy and I even went on a date! It was so much fun, I forgot how cold playing in the snow was and was quite happy to be able to come back to the warm desert. Kenzie got really sick on New Year's Day, so we cut our trip a little short to come home. My kids will never forget how much fun they had playing with their cousins and they will definitely dress warmer next time we drive to the snow!

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