Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life this Week

So, my new goal is to designate a little time on Sunday afternoons to update my blog. I let the busy hustle and bustle of life get in the way at times. There are so many great memories that I would have forgotten if I didn't have my blog books to look back on. I know that there are great times that have occurred that I will never remember since I neglected to document them. It is sad, my kids remember so many things that I don't, I hate how the memory is not as sharp anymore. I feel like I am getting old... So I will recap a few of the highlights from this past week:
Last Sunday: Baking Halloween cupcakes with the kids. We took some to our neighbor who is about my age with two young boys. She is battling two forms of cancer. I look at her and wonder how she can do it everyday. She is a strong example to me of enduring through the trials of life and trying to keep a positive outlook. So often we get lost in our own trials and neglect to see how many others are suffering so much. We also took cupcakes to one of the widows in our ward who we have grown to love. I love that my kids kept wanting to give more and more of their cupcakes away. I pray that they continue to develop Christlike attributes and know that life is not all about ourselves; that it feels so much better to give than to receive. We also spent Sunday evening playing charades, we each wrote down 10 things to act out. It was so funny, I don't know the last time when we all laughed so hard as a family. The highlight was Skyler acting out getting a "swirly," we couldn't figure it out, but we sure came up with a lot of creative guesses.

Monday: I woke up and swam laps at the college. Then we did the whole, work/school thing. After I got home at 5pm, we had dinner and Kenzie gave a lesson for FHE on prayer and we painted prayer rocks. Then we went for a run. The kids rode scooters to the elementary school and began tether ball competition. Jeremy and I ran two miles and then met up with the kids and showed them how tether ball is done, well kinda, they did hold their own pretty well and Jeremy and I were wiped out from the run.

Tuesday: Swimming, work, school, dinner, family scriptures and prayer, and we watched the Biggest Loser. Our new thing is to be doing push-ups, sit-ups, and any manner of exercise while we watch the show. It's pretty fun!

Wednesday: Swimming, work, school, dinner, family scripts and prayer, then Jeremy and I went to the Logan temple for our session. The kids did great playing together and were in bed when we got home. It is such a special break/date for Jeremy and I to get to escape the world and feel the sweet peace the gospel brings.

Thursday: Here in Logan we get 2 days off for fall break, so we were busy Thursday doing things that needed done. Jeremy and I had medical records to track down, notrizations to get done so he could receive those medical records, cars cleaned, laundry started, kids played with friends, and Skyler learned a valuable lesson which I will not write about, but he definitely learned a lesson.

Friday: The kids helped with the lawn. Then they spent a good majority of the day playing here and there with their friends in the neighborhood. Kenzie gave me a spa day complete with a pedicure, manicure, and singing. She is such a funny girl. Then we met at the church to practice for the primary program on Sunday. After running through the program, I helped serve brownie/cookie sundaes. The kids were in HEAVEN! Then Skyler had his buddy Brighton come over to hang out. Jeremy and I hung out with Kenzie in our room watching Nick shows on TV. It was a fun day!

Saturday: We got our chores done and spent the morning at the coolest park ever! We played countless rounds of hide n seek and just enjoyed the day. A few unattended kids were being a bit obnoxious, they were swinging as high as they could and then kicking their shoes off clear across the playground. They seriously almost hit 3 different babies. Since we were pushing our kids on the swings, we felt obligated to get them to stop. They didn't listen to me, so Jeremy says, "Hey I am a park administrator and I would hate to ask you boys to leave, but you are going to hurt someone." They looked at him and took him seriously till Kenz says, "Daddy you are not a park administrator, are you lying?" We about lost it, I chimed in that he was like a park administrator because he was a parent volunteer obligated to uphold the safety at the park. Needless to say they stopped, it was pretty funny! We wrapped up our day with watching my bosses daughter while they went on a date. The boys watched transformers while the girls played, giggled, and made a bakery out of playdough. They really wanted me to find a camera so I could record them like they were on the TV show Cake Boss, it was cute! It was a great week, nothing grand or significant, just the day to day things filling our lives.

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